New 10 bolt - built by Jim and JD Race and Restoration - Big thumbs up.

Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback' started by 73thumper, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. 73thumper

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    I had Jim (monzaz) build a custom 10 bolt for my project. It will be some time before I get to actually use this piece as I am in the middle of the restoration on my '73. Jim's communications were excellent - price was great - and very happy with the result. A big thanks to JD Race and Restoration.

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  2. Waterboy

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    I have bought many posi units from Jim. When he packages them up and sends them out they are complete with everything you will need! He does a fantastic job! He is also extremely knowledgeable!
  3. 73thumper

    73thumper Well-Known Member

    I took the time to make it a road trip and pick the unit up instead of shipping. I enjoyed meeting him after seeing his name in many threads over the years.
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