Need to ship a car from Corpus Cristi to Colorado Springs....

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    I thought I'd ask here first if anyone knows of a vehicle transport company that goes between Corpus Cristi, TX and Colorado Springs, CO. This car is not a collector or classic car so an open vehicle transporter would work out just fine. I haven't shipped a car in a long time so I would like to get some idea of what it would cost as well.

    If it were a highly valued car I do have sources for that style of shipping but this is overkill in this instance.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I'm watching this show on tv named "Shipping Wars", where they ship goods for costumers on a "reversed auction" website.

    Get a free quote from :Comp:
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    Probably will cost about 500 bucks or so.... I've used these guys before a few times - they're only brokers, you never know whose gonna be the actual driver but they're honest and cheaper than most.

    Door to Door Transport

    Good Luck!

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