Need Info re BOP Swap Meet 3/25 Wheaton IL

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by Dave McGuire, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Dave McGuire

    Dave McGuire Active Member

    Does anyone have any info about the BOP swap meet in Wheaton IL on 3/25 such as location, phone #, hours, etc. If so, please post. Thanks, Dave McGuire
  2. ajesh35

    ajesh35 Well-Known Member

    hello, you can go to the chicago buick gs club site, they the info, i will try and post it later if you do not find it.
  3. wildcat62

    wildcat62 Well-Known Member

    The Pontiac Chapter is hosting this year. This is the contact info.

    BOPC Swap Meet and Car Corral.
    Wheaton, IL. March 25, 8am - 2pm. DuPage County Fairground, 2015 W Manchester Rd. Sponsor: Illinois Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club Intl. Cost: $4/person. To register call Bill Knotek at 815-838-7956 before 9pm or e-mail:
    Phone: 815-838-7956
  4. avc1966

    avc1966 Well-Known Member

    Its a great event. I plan on being there most of the day looking for people I want to see.
  5. showyourauto

    showyourauto Member

    missed this one, when is the next IL gathering?
  6. Loyd

    Loyd Turbocharger junkie


    Please see the following sites for Buick related things to do in Chicagoland

    or you can check the Chicagoland message board

    Even a used car salesman is welcome to participate :cool:

    Hopefully you have already taken Ajesh's, Tony's, or Mike Davis' advice and already reviewed the Chicagoland site

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