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  1. skylark7deuce

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    Gotta pull the trigger on one pretty quick. Confused with all the variable (cfm...annular boosters...2 vs 3 circuit block...chokes...etc). Please provide your recommendation from 0-$1000.

    464, SE heads...spx intake...600hp motor, 750 with nitrous.

    Need to be steetable but will perform at the track.



    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    SPX - 4150 mount probably , or dominator pattern ?
    lookin' like florida location so choke might not be a concern ( chilly nights ? ) and that opens up a bunch of expensive choices for ya .
    someone with similar combo can probably better direct you for carb choice .
    i'm thinking bare minimum standard 850DP . cost wise good , about $600 new . plus well set up used carb could be a good deal and a little cheaper . easy to get rid of if you decide to go bigger .
    do your homework if you decide to play with 3 circuit carb , air bleed and emulsion selections . be sure you understand all that beforehand . and is it really cost effective for driving style ? might be a lot more money for not much actual benefit .
  3. skylark7deuce

    skylark7deuce Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I spoke with a carb builder he recommended a holley 8082-3 or quick fuel fx 4700. I just wanted to get thoughts from actual buick owners.

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    no problem . my 350 is up n runnin' but alot milder build so no good reference point there .
    but i have seen some tests comparing some 650-850 cfm range carbs , both standard DBL pumpers and upper end HP style carbs on same vehicle with well sorted mod'd motor , and the standard DP carb was either better overall ( street/track ) and even as good or close on 1/8 track times . i think one article was aug 2016 carcraft . i'll dbl check .
    edit : yeah Aug 2016 CarCraft pg 54 . it was a 351 ford punched out to 425 in a mid 60's comet street/gasser . fast , consistant . roller cam , victor intake etc . not a BBB exactly but the theory might apply , some common ground .
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    Quadrajets are on superstock Chevys that are much higher horsepower than your estimate. I'm a die hard Qjet guy but I also like the new AVS2 carb features.
  6. 12lives

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    Mike - DP will make power quicker than an air valve carb but is more work to set up. You will be ahead of the game if you can access a dyno and tune it (get it close) on the stand.

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