Need a nailhead builder in/near Florida

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by mattyk007, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. mattyk007

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    I know that most people think I'm crazy, but I want to do a supercharged nailhead in my 60 Lesabre. I know that it entails a lot of work with switching out the tranny and torque tube assembly. I plan on pulling and storing the original 364/dynaflow, and starting with a 401/T400 using a 6:71 blower. I do not have time to do this myself, so I'm looking for a nailhead specialist to help. Any suggestions???
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    I dont know if I would call this guy a nailhead specialist but Kenny Vos in Live Oak can and will build you anything you want. Also JT in Welborn is a good transmission guy. Both of these shops build for many of the racers in and around this part of the state. If interested I can introduce you to either or both.[h=3]Voss Racing Engines | Live Oak, FL 32060[/h]
  3. mattyk007

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    That would be great being I live in Lake City.

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