My "New" 1962 GMC 1/2ton

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    So. My dad passed at the end of August last year. He took up a lot of my time over the last couple of years, hence my lack of bein' on here. Not all of it due to his health, he went rather "quickly" as far as that goes.

    I have his '62 Gmc truck now. Less the paint and interior, it's all original. 365V-6 with granny-low 4speed. Idk what the read end is geared, but I'm betting it's low.

    When he retired, we moved him from NE WY back to southern IL. While driving it back, it spun a crank bearing. :( Bein stuck in po-dunk SD for a week is no fun.) It's not been fixed and I don't think it's worth it to fix. I'd kinda like to turn it into a daily driver. Nice weather and cruises kinda daily driver.

    That said, I have a chevy250 strait6 with powerglide from a '68 Nove that my hot-rodder uncle says will bolt right in. True? I've done a bit of internet research and have found folks are getting some serious power outa this little motor. I'm not looking to build a monster, but I would like to build it so it'll move enjoyably and still be decent on my wallet gas-wise.

    Can I get more "street-able" gears to install, or will I need a new rear end altogether?

    Upgrading the front brakes, maybe even the rear ones too, is high on my list. Along with upgrading the front suspension either by swapping parts or buying aftermarket.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. I've always enjoyed and appreciated the good and friendly advice I've gotten on here.

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