My 76/77 Buick regals going to the darkside!

Discussion in 'V-8 Buick Powered Regals' started by Norman Martin, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    I am now complete!! I will not be continuing the discussion in this thread about my new ride but here is a readout of the information I posted on my other thread which is a car audio site. I am sure that the links to the builds will be blocked because they are another site.

    Well, after years of planning and searching for "That Perfect One" I finally did it! Years ago I realized that modern cars were just not made to be in my future. I have had two Jeep grand Cherokee SRT8 vehicles (2006 &2013), I have had a G8GT in the first year of it's release. I had a Mercedes E320 and I just knew that the cost of cars were just going up but the quality of the cars and longevity was going down.

    I had dreams of being "That Old Car Guy" on my block like I used to see as a kid. So I planned to sell off all my new modern stuff to pursue driving only old Resto-mods for the rest of my days. Well, that is now a reality. The only modern vehicles that I own (Not my wife) is my 2017 Honda Fury motorcycle. Now, I drive a company vehicle which is a POS 2018 ford f-150 with the smallest motor that they offer but my personal vehicles are as follows.
    1976 Buick Regal- non running - Stock
    1976 Buick Regal- LS swapped, build up is in progress found here--->>> 1976 Buick Regal- Tribute car
    1972 Chevy Blazer 4x4- future LS Swap, build will begin immediately.
    2017 Honda Fury Chopper- Highly customized, Airride, custom tank, custom seat, custom pipes, etc...

    So with that, I introduce to you my bucket list vehicle. It is a mostly restored car with a couple previous owners that took great care of it. The dealer restored the interior and much of the seals, the owner before that did a decent job of restoring the paint and any body rust. He drove it frequently and basically kept it is great shape. I purchased it from a dealer called B&B auto sales in Brookings South Dakota. They were a real treat to deal with and I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a nice classic car. My dad and I drove 19 hours round trip in my daughter's Honda Civic to look it. After getting a pretty good deal on the Blazer and all the financial stuff was done, I had a shipping date within 2 days and yesterday the big delivery vehicle showed up with my new ride!

    Everything that was in my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8( Found here Jeep Thread) will be getting installed in the Blazer. I will be doing very extensive deadening because this thing is not exactly anywhere close to being a quiet vehicle. I am talking lizard skin sound and ceramic deadening with CLD or Raptor liner on top. Then as much MLV as I can and Closed cell foam. I will be removing the fiberglass top and deadening the crap out of it too. I realize that this thing will never be "Quiet" but I am sure I can make a big difference in the noise and comfort of the truck.

    EDIT__ Additionally, I plan to put all the front drivers in very simple kick panels. The midrange will go in a small enclosure within the kick panel and the midbass will somehow get vented to the exterior. I may use the factory fresh air vents for this purpose.

    Head unit-I definitely plan to do another Android headunit. Joying is the likely brand because I like the one in the Regal
    Processor-Heliz DSP Pro
    Amps- JL HD amps, 600/4 x 2) 1200/1 x2
    Tweets- AF GB10
    Mid- AF GB25
    Midbass- JL ZR800cw
    Subs- JBL W15GTI MKII x2 trying to do very low tuned ported enclosure but may be an up front sealed console enclosure!!!!! Yep, Up front 15's!!

    Motor- currently GM 350 original motor but will very soon be LS swapped with a 6.0L gen 4 motor or a 6.2L motor and tranny if my sister slls me her used 2007 Escalade to strip down. (Crazy right!?!?!?!)
    Suspension- This one is tough. My dream is to have a 2wd lowered autocross style Blazer and that is not that complicated given all the aftermarket goodies available for these generation trucks. I may choose to keep it as a 4X4 though. Hell, I may do a 4X4 ls swap and later swap the chassis to 2wd.

    This thing is going to be my daily driver! eventually I plan to have LSA blowers or turbos on all my vehicles but for now I will settle with great runners.

    Well here come the photos! (Stand by I will edit from my phone to add the pics)

    SmartSelect_20220503-221628_Gallery.jpg SmartSelect_20220503-221749_Gallery.jpg SmartSelect_20220503-221554_Gallery.jpg 20220503_213015.jpg 20220503_212142.jpg 20220503_211420.jpg 20220503_211936.jpg
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  2. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    Congrats Norman, that is a cool truck!
  3. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Thanks and thanks
  4. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    Great project! So what’s the scoop on the LS swap? Might as well add a turbo
  5. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    For the moment I will be just happy to find a 6.0 liter and tranny. Eventually all my old cars will be boosted. You know, for efficiency sake!;)
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  6. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    I am starting to feel bad that I have not given the Regal much love since I got the 72 Blazer. Good news though, I am starting a new job with a very, very significant upward boost in pay. While I may not have as much time as I used to for a little bit, I will definitely have more funds to use on both projects. I will definitely find the time though.
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  7. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    Congratulations on the new job!

    Looking forward to more updates on either, too. :D
  8. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Big change and hopefully it will allow for more big changes with my projects (albeit less time).
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  9. Norman Martin

    Norman Martin Well-Known Member

    I got tired of dicking around with walmart batteries so last night I auctioned off a kidney and purchased a group78 Odyssey battery for the Regal. Funny thing is I used to work for Enersys, the company that makes them. Back then I could have had one for half price.
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  10. FLGS400

    FLGS400 Gold Level Contributor

    I've always had good luck with Interstate, and just get the one with the most cranking amps for my application. Unless it's for a motorcycle or scooter. Then, only Yuasa will do.

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