My 65 Skylark LS1 swap

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by S Courter, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. S Courter

    S Courter New Member

    Thought I would share my latest project. Solid unrestored(1 repaint) 65 Skylark post coupe. Originally 300 v8 now LS1/4L60E from a 98 Pontiac Trans Am. Added Dakota Digital gauges to the dash. Runs and drives excellent. This is the 5th LS swap I have done. I love them!!!

    IMG_2470.JPG IMG_2395-001.JPG IMG_2471.JPG IMG_2437.JPG
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  2. Taulbee2277

    Taulbee2277 Silver Level contributor

    Looking good!
  3. buicksWILD

    buicksWILD Well-Known Member

    Hell yea brother! What engine mounts did you use for that swap?
  4. BillA

    BillA Well-Known Member

    Very nice!
  5. markrieb

    markrieb Member

    What Dakota Digital kit is that? The don't list one for the 65 Skylark. Been searching for a good replacement for the radio-dial speedo and gauges
  6. S Courter

    S Courter New Member

    Markrieb...I used a universal set from Dakota Digital. VHX-1018-k-w. Had to fabricate a panel to fit dash opening and mount gauges in. Also had to relocate wiper and light switches to left side and cigarette lighter to new spot on right side.
  7. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Love it and love the color
  8. Buicksky

    Buicksky Silver Level contributor

    Looks like a very clean transformation. If it runs half as good as it looks, watch out!
  9. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Very nice job!

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