Moog 5401 springs.

Discussion in 'Race car chassis tech' started by Da Torquester., Sep 23, 2015.

  1. Stg'd 2Discover

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    FWIW, I used the 5401's with Viking Coilovers fronts on my Pro touring GS as they sit 1" lower than stock. They are replacements for 68 and 69 GTO's and have a 129# rate.

  2. flh73

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    RA showed the moog 5385 as stock. I gave them a try. I would agree pretty stock. Typical skylark stink bug look. The frame and body are basically level but because of the quarter design it looks way low. I will be changing them out we’ll see if this works.
  3. 71gs3504sp

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    Is the front on the ground? If so what front springs?
  4. flh73

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    It is down but not sure what springs are in front. it actually measured less than a stock one I compared it to. Measures 9.5” from bottom of frame at weld front and rear.
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    Hey, I wanted to add to this old thread, I ran across it when picking my springs and I feel it helped. I went with the 5379’s along with the KYB gas adjust shocks... with the coil spring insulators doing the whole rear was about $115 and an hour of time... not bad at all for the improved stance and ride.

    I still had stock shocks and coils so you can imagine how rough and saggy it all was.

    Here are some pics... I gained about two inches in the rear... I’ll repost next year to see how they have settled after some time.

    Tires are 235/60R15
    344F1BBE-B70B-4BE0-8515-133ACD889355.jpeg F2FCCB16-EF7D-490E-B4D6-C826557341D1.jpeg 3F309448-059B-4747-B9D5-174D61D63232.jpeg 3F61C202-DE08-4358-B368-224DA4EA8BDA.jpeg EEA8B345-45AF-4EEB-8B25-CD1664DBBBFC.jpeg

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