Misc Big Car Parts for Sale 65-70 - Wildcat, Electra, LeSabre & Riviera

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    I have a mix of stuff -- all of it is in good shape. It's typically cleaned up, etc. Paypal or Venmo. You pay shipping from 01803. It will be carefully packed/boxed the way I would want it sent to me... Don't think my price is fair?? Make me an offer.

    Rear Quarter Stainless Trim/molding (pair) from 65 Wildcat Conv (should fit Electra and Lesabre) $60 These are really nice pieces and miserable to find. One side is perfect, the other has a couple of screw holes but it's still a nice piece (one screw hole is covered when installed). No road rash or nasty dents, they would polish to a mirror shine. If you see anything in the pics -- it's a reflection not a scratch!

    Pair of Wiper Arms from a 69 Riviera (20-inch driver--side, 18-inch pass). $45 Perfectly straight. The shaft splines and retention hardware is perfect. I grabbed these in a yard because they were so nice but alas an inch too long for my Cat ;-(

    Under steering wheel plastic dash "filler" from 68 Wildcat. $25 No cracks or broken tabs. I happened to find the black one I needed the week after I got this blue one so it's a spare. You can paint these to match your dash color.

    Set of 90 fin aluminum brake drums AND a set of backing plates w/misc brake hardware from 68 Wildcat $200 (the shoes installed in the pic are mine). I soaked the backing plates to bare metal and painted with Chassis Saver. The drums were recently turned (maybe 1,500 miles) so they are ready to bolt-on. I happened to score an exceptionally fresh set of drums locally that I swapped out.

    1968 Buick Wildcat Left Front Fender Vent Trim Molding # 1382833 $45
    This is driver quality with some light pitting. All of the mounting pins are in great shape - very solid. I swapped it out for a really nice one I happened upon.

    Old School Replacement Fender Antenna $12.
    Think Radio Shack 1980. It reminds me how much better even the regular gear was 40 years ago. It's actually pretty nicely made. 28-inch cable.

    Need more pics... just ask

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    ttt Happy New Year!

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