Midwest Buick Challenge

Discussion in 'Midwest Buick Challenge' started by GS Shari, Aug 25, 2006.

  1. GS Shari

    GS Shari Guest

    It's two weeks away!

    Most of the info is here:


    Something not mentioned is a ladies race on Sunday, goody bags for the first 30 cars in the car show, and a possible pig roast on Saturday night.

    Hope to see some of you there!

  2. Bobb Makley

    Bobb Makley Well-Known Member

    We plan on being there with two cars we will be camping all weekend. so stop by and say high.
  3. 350skylark

    350skylark Hot Rod Kid

    Hey all, I know I've been off the boards for a while, but I've been busy with 50+ hours a week at work and 8 credit hours at college, but I just got a new computer so I thought I'd drop in and say hey. I'm planning to go to Morocco this Saturday if I can get off work, shouldn't be a problem (I hope :Do No: ) Anyway, I hope to see a lot of you there, and I'll talk to y'all later.
  4. Loyd

    Loyd Turbocharger junkie

    Shari and I would like to thank everybody who came out for the Midwest Buick Challenge. We had most of a good day Saturday with a rain delay, a 4 wheeler accident, but got the TSM race in.

    Unfortunately the early morning rain and weather pattern over the area, forced the track to decide to cancel Sunday's portion of the event.

    See you all out there next year . . .
  5. Buick

    Buick Ramin Ansari

    I had a good time Loyd!
  6. GSX-PKV

    GSX-PKV registered user

    I had a good time also. Thanks to all of you who work hard to organize events like this!!! Paul :beer

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