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    I would like to know what I can do to be recognized, I felt that I have been shund from a community that is damn good. I know I come off as being a smartaxx and know it all, but I only want to help. If I'm wrong correct me please, If I say something offending you say something, If sounds like I'm being a know it all, please tell how I'm wrong. I'm human just like you guy's. I make mistakes too. Alot of stuff I post is factaulbut if I word it wrong please tell me. I am a 30+yr mechanic, 3 yrs of auto machining,6 yrs of auto mechanics classes, I did work for very reputal Machine shop in Flint/Burton boredline,Mi for ayear, two years at a machine shop in Flint,been a helper of several others when time permitted me to. I grow up knowing Buicks, My Uncle Bob was a Buick engine Engineer, My other Uncle that I'm trying to get information for was a 70's and 80's street racer with his 1970 Buick GS Stage 1 455 BBB. My Father was a street racer in Flint too, but he preferred Brand F, I can go on and on on my family about them being auto mechanics to master mechanics. There is no sence in that though. I like to help if possible and being corrected in not correct. Please let me know what has to be done to recognized again.

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