May 4th Gopher State Car Show MN State Fair Grounds

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by at2holmes, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. at2holmes

    at2holmes Well-Known Member

    Found out about this car show at the World of Wheels a month ago. I was just wondering if anyone here will be attending. Also any one that has went previous years, what can I expect?
  2. 71customConv

    71customConv Platinum Level Contributor

    Didn't know about that one. Usually hear about Car Craft in July. I hope the kids are up to going to look.
  3. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    Last year was freezing cold and windy. I think two or three years ago it snowed. When the weather is good it's a great show. There are usually a few people around here that attend. :beer
  4. gscalifornia

    gscalifornia Small blocks rule!!

    Ya, last year was a little brutal. We left the show before noon and went to the bar for some Buick talk:beer

    Usually a good first show of the year and being it's sponsored by the Gopher State chapter of the Buick Club there's always a good turn out of Buicks!

    Remember the tangerine '69 GS convertible from last year? He had painted it Fireglow, but that wasn't bright enough so he had it redone. Man, that car was killer!
  5. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    That car was sweet Ken, I'm hoping to have my 68 drivable by then.
    It's going to be close. Are you coming down again?
  6. gscalifornia

    gscalifornia Small blocks rule!!

    I have it penciled in on the fridge calendar and I hope to make it down. Do I still have to pick up two tires and rims or am I forgetting that I already picked them up?
  7. hemikillerstg1

    hemikillerstg1 History Repeating Itself

    they are in my garage next to the toolbox, I need to get a windshield and waiting for my weatherstripping and window felts. We got two months.
    Make sure you let me know when you are coming, I can meet you up there.
  8. briaboc

    briaboc 69 California GS

    Hey Guys it's Brian with the GS California. I will be there tomorrow at the srping show at the fair grounds, see you there!

  9. Thriller

    Thriller Well-Known Member

    Have fun...I was there last year with the wind and the collapsed gas tank on the Wildcat. I had a lot of fun, but then again, I'm a Gopher State member and know some of the folks who put it all together. I had a lot of fun, but it wasn't nice to be in the dirt swap area when the wind really picked up...dust, license plates flying...ah, good memories.

    Obviously, since I'm typing this at 10 Central in Winnipeg, I'm not down there this year...would have loved to, but there were long made plans that I just had to accept this weekend. Next year though...

    Maybe I'll just get down for the Stillwater meet in September.
  10. Juice

    Juice Needs a paint guy

    I went yesterday and it was a great time. I should've brought my camera for pics but I'm not too bright. It wasn't as nearly as big as car craft, but there was some really really nice rides there.

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