Little Buick 300 dyno numbers!

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by 72Custom350, Jan 1, 2022.

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    So while I was home on leave I took delivery on my 1967 Buick Special, 300-2, 3 speed manual, manual brakes and steering. The car is 22k original miles, it got in a fender bender in the early 70's and sat till 2006. Anyways It was 100% stock, just had dual 2.25" true dual exhaust through walker mufflers. On the dyno it made 155whp and 255ftlbs. With the 25% drivetrain loss that puts it at 318ftlbs at the crank, not bad for something rated at 310 new. Also the original untouched 2bbl gave it a flat 13.2 AFR. I have since added a 1965 4bbl, 500 edelbrock intake, magnaflow mufflers and a Pertronix distributor and coil. Never made it back to the dyno after that but it REALLY woke it up, from a dead stop dumping the clutch at 3,500rpm it spun the right rear for 120ft with the original 14" wheels and 205/75-14's. Hope this will help someone!
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    Very cool! Get it back to the dyno that would be a great comparison!
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    That change from 2-bbl to 4-bbl seems to permeate all the small Buick engines.
    Anyone who's driven both 350's will attest to that. Dog to Rocket Machine with a simple manifold, carb & exhaust plumbing change.

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