Lindsey Hopkins Buick from Marietta, GA

Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by Racerx88, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Still looking for any type of dealer info for Lindsey Hopkins Buick where my '72 Sun Coupe was sold. This is all I know so far:

    Lindsey Hopkins Buick Co.
    1860 SO Four Lane Hwy. (now Cobb Parkway S.)
    Marietta, Georgia 30060
    Zone 18
    Dealer 176

    Would love to find a new dealer emblem, any sales info, or what have you.

    Let me know what you have.
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    ttt :pray:

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    Did you try to google it? Also some dealerships may not be around anymore, best to google it see what comes up, call local BBB find out contact info. If small town will help you out because chances are former employees may be around the area and available to contact.
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    You name it, I've searched it. :Comp:

    Yes the Buick dealer is long gone. I think the location was a VW dealer last.

    I've even posted ads in the area CL's with no responses.

    Still looking................
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    Search regularly. Those kinds of things are hit-or-miss...some take years (Honolulu-area tag with correct sticker, and selling dealer tag frame)...and some things I've yet to find...
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    That had to be a small dealership. The big dealer in the area was D.L. Claborn, with TV commercials and such. Don McIntosh bought his '70 Stage 1 new in the area (not sure if it was D.L. Claborn or who); if you can reach him he might remember the Hopkins store. As an aside, I did find an alternate address; 264 Atlanta St.
    I've lived in north Ga since 1974 and often noticed dealer plates, stickers, etc; I don't ever recall that name. I remember the Claborn jingle, however..."Wouldn't you rather have a D.L., D.L. Claborn, Claborn Buick? doot doody doo doo".

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    As near as I can tell, Hopkins was only at the location in the early seventies.
    Sometime over the years So. Four Lane Hwy. was renamed Cobb Parkway S.

    I've got access to aerial photos from '68, '72 and '78.
    That location was undeveloped land in '68, the dealership was there in '72, and then in '78 the building/parking lot looks vacant.
    The building is now home to Jim Ellis Volkswagen.

    TROSE11SECGN Boost is my drug

    Search Ebay you would be surprised what random old car dealer plate frames, signs, etc pops up. Call Dave or someone at GSCA may help since they are Georgia based. Worth a shot. Also Hemmings has advertisements or online for people who specialize in magazines and brochures and license plates, all worth the shot, just time involved making phone calls as a lot of guys are still not internet friendly.
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    Then and Now Automotive is in Marietta. Call Mark Reeves he may have some info, he goes by Stage X on here. Last I knew Don McIntosh was working for Mark. Worth a try.
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    Ok Dean, this probably won't help but it is Buick history:

    Lindsey Hopkins Buick was in the 60s to the early 70s. I traced it a few years ago
    to 264 Atlanta Street, Marietta,Ga. From there it was moved out to 1860 So. Four Lane Hwy in Marietta. In the early 70s Lindsey Hopkins retired and the property was bought by the Boomershine family (Boomershine Pontiac in Atl.)Because GM would not allow
    the same name in two locations, the dealership was run under the name Star Pontiac.
    Buick Motor Division needed a store in the area, Ed Voyles, of Ed Voyles Oldsmobile, purchased the land across from his Olds store, 2190 Cobb Parkway, but here again GM did not allow his name to be put on the sign, so it was “leased” to his son-in-law Mark Singleton and became Mark Singleton Buick-Isuzu. The building left at 1860 Cobb Parkway was purchased and became Jim Ellis VW.
    The Buick Franchise History:
    Lindsey Hopkins Buick became Mark Singleton Buick
    Mark Singleton Buick became Sim Fryson Buick
    ( Mark Singleton Buick was relocated in Buford,Ga. and replaced Red Cruce Buick)
    Sim Fryson Buick became Ed Voyles Buick
    Ed Voyles Buick closed and BMD put a satellite store for service only
    in the Toyota Dealership in Kennesaw.
    A new Franchise and dealer principle was found and became Carl Black Buick-Pontiac-GMC in Kennesaw,Ga.
    BMD needed a franchise in Marietta. Buick was then located at Boomershine Pontiac on Cobb Parkway which became Marietta Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Hummer and this became Capital Buick-GMC.
    The first 2 pics are of 264 Atl. St. Marietta
    the 3rd pic is Jim Ellis VW and the 4th is the abandoned building of Rooms to Go or whatever its called.It was built
    on the property where Singleton Buick was located. The Capital dealers park excess inventory there.

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    Wow!! :shock:

    Thanks for the info David.
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    I know this is an old thread Dean, but I just acquired a 72 Stage car that was sold from Lindsey-Hopkins.
    Free bump for any info or tags, I've searched ebay for years on anything Buick in GA- You ever find anything?
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    Nope not a thing.
    I've got a few pieces of paper work that came with my car, and a badly pitted trunk emblem, but that's about it.
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    More than I have!

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