KBR WC Billet Head Order

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by ken betts, Nov 13, 2020.

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    never heard/seen of you regarding sbb. maybe you should look closer. where have you been? me, i've been promoting/beating the sbb over 15yrs. i'm waiting for kbr 350 heads that flow with a bigger blower.
    home of a f.e.d with a 6-71 350 buick.......
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    Thats what I'm saying. Let's cheer and encourage Ken and his business. Same goes for TA. Why argue?
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    Trust me I've been around and I lurk. First step I took to even wanting to mod my 300 is buying a stock 4bbl intake from a member here, baby steps.
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    I think this is getting off topic to Kens thread........please if you want to debate engine platforms.......start a different thread......

    From how I take it Ken knew when he designed these heads that they were aimed for a very minor percentage of ppl in an already limited market..........but it does prove what is possible even if it way above and beyond what most ppl need/can afford for their street or bracket motors.............................Tom it seemed to me was just dropping an idea, that I'm guessing had probably already been rolling through Kens head at seeing if a line down where most of us need a head that......could be made that was better than what we have available now.

    As Ken has clearly stated several times this line of heads was built from the beginning to fill the need of Nas. Top Fuel motors turning rpms that most ppl could only dream of...........at lifts 99% of ppl have never heard of.

    I'm sure these projects like these heads which require many other parts which all had to be dreamed uo out of mid air....the blocks.....the cranks......etc are moving slower than both us the readers and Ken himself were hoping.......but it sounds like the direction is still forward.

    My guess is this how parts go across this market.......top end race motor parts are dreamed uo and produced......they are bigger and badder than many ppl need/can afford......then trickle down parts come about to backfill the gap.

    But please if y'all are going the bash engine platforms do it in a different thread, don't clutter up this one with that garbage that's so far off topic.

    Ken thanks for pushing the envelope with your own bank account.........I am one of the ppl who won't be able to use these cool new parts......but I love hearing about them, and hope to see any trickle downs......a pray they are here b4 my current well running motor needs major revamping
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    Again I believe I’ve said this before but I would like to reiterate I am not bashing KBR or TA performance, however I think it’s understandable our frustrations when you come out with statements saying you are just waiting for patterns or water jackets to be put in to start going into production or TA drops the bomb who’s ready for a stage six serious power cylinder head and nothing happens for years people going to air their frustrations. I give anybody credit who invest their money to further our hobby and devotion to stay with Buick power we all want to see it’s succeed like Pontiac has. I’m sure Ken as well as TA If could go back and redo things in the steps that they have done them they most likely would’ve did things a little differently. I don’t mean to offend the 350 Buick owners but if that investment for the cylinder head would’ve went into the new 455 head we would be in much better shape. I really do believe the Buick market while of course is never going to reach the status of some other manufactures there is room for growth especially with the TA block we just need that head and a couple other components to be really competitive. Just my thoughts. Thanks Tom
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    My stg2 TE heads CNC by TA on a 4.3" bore? Now on a 4.5" bore so prob flow a touch more
    TA Flow sheet.jpg

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