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  1. Very nice shape console. Small pitting on the chrome underneath that is really not visible once installed. Top is nice and pliable. There are a couple of hairline cracks in each front corner and probably needs to be hit with some SEM paint to touch up where the paint has worn a little thin. All in all a very nice looking console. $225.00 plus $25.00 shipping in the U.S. Located in N. Illinois

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  2. Robin Cook

    Robin Cook 70 GS350(455Tribute) 65 gran sport

    In line pending
  3. Heloman

    Heloman Well-Known Member

    2nd in line please

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Has the chrome been painted over or is that just my poor eyesight? If so what color brand and shade is that? Looks nice!
  5. I am not an expert on Buick parts but thought the only part that was actually chrome was directly underneath the arm rest? The tray and arm support are a darker gray and I have no idea on the paint color but it is in good shape. This was part of a project car I purchased and do not have a need for a lot of the parts that came with it. Thanks
  6. ssmock

    ssmock Well-Known Member

    Still available?
  7. Two other people in line as of right now...
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  8. ssmock

    ssmock Well-Known Member

    Was this iron board console an option in 64? Assuming dealer installed
  9. gssizzler

    gssizzler Well-Known Member

    Factory option! Used in 64 - early 65 used in both small car and big car!
  10. flynbuick

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  11. 197064buickspec

    197064buickspec 1964 Special Post-455

    In line especially at that giveaway price.
  12. ssmock

    ssmock Well-Known Member

    Sold yet? Will send PM
  13. ssmock

    ssmock Well-Known Member

    let me know, can’t seem to get a PM to work.
  14. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Things are all messed up Brian......soon you may not be able to give these parts away o_O

    Peace WildBill
  15. Robin passed on the console, so now it goes to Heloman for consideration.
  16. Blue Wagon

    Blue Wagon Well-Known Member

    why not put me in line!
  17. Hey guys....I was rereading my post and completely forgot to mention a hairline crack on the very rear of the console. Sorry about that but wanted to make sure everything was disclosed.
    Heloman is currently next in line. Thanks

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  18. Blue Wagon

    Blue Wagon Well-Known Member

  19. ssmock

    ssmock Well-Known Member

    Heolman ever decide yet? I assume I was next in line, I sent you a PM. Thanks
  20. He said that he is going to take it. Thanks

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