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Discussion in 'Inquiries' started by Sebastian, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Well-Known Member


    I think I'm not the only one who lives not in the US. Is there any planing or possibility to buy your products over eBay with global shipping program or Amazon?
    They have nice freight ratings. I only payed 27 USD freight for a Powermaster starter. Asked costs for a distributor from TA about 135 USD.

    As we have to pay tax also on freightcosts in Germany that's a huge difference.

    I know it's possible to send it on US address but costs are also not the best.
  2. srb

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    I have a similar problem living in the Netherlands. I often buy items from Rockauto because I'm able to prepay customs and taxes which is convenient and quick. But it's still a significant amount of money. Making it a really expensive hobby in Europe. Especially considering fuel prices.. :(
    $27 shipping for a starter sounds really good, that was using Amazon? Perhaps I should use that more often.
  3. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    I live in New Zealand. Use a freight forwarder with a USA address and you can buy from any one you like. Shipping costs can be reduced by consolidating packages.
  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Well-Known Member

    I think we should start a new thread in another section of this forum.

    Welcome neighbour!
    You can buy with eBay, problem is with global shipping you can buy only 1 item per order.
    Amazon has nice ratings for whole shipment. Check it out. Was never over 35 usd for about 10 items incl starter and alternator.

    As I see on the USPS site normal shipping to Germany is minimum 65 usd.

    Rockauto has nice prices but it seems that they use for every second item different warehouses so if you will order a few more items shipping costs will rise a lot.

    Another method is like NZ GS mentioned a forwarder in the US like shipito or myus.
  5. 65Larkin

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    G'day Ed.
    Do you have a preference of forwarder to use? I went through youpost (NZ Post) for some items about four years ago and didn't find the savings significant if at all.
    Larger / heavier / more expensive items I am unsure.
    Beaut day in Gizzy, how's the Waka two treating ya?
  6. NZ GS 400

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    Pretty good man!
    In order to get some real good savings with youshop, consolidating several packages is the way to go. You can store stuff in their warehouse for up to a month while you wait for stuff from different vendors to arrive.

    I use Shipito when I am in a hurry. They process the packages faster and shipping can be very fast depending on what you want to pay.
    They also have great customer service. Something that that surely can't be said about NZ Post, but you do pay for it.
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