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Discussion in 'Stock Appearing' started by N360LL, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. N360LL

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    I have a question for all you F.A.S.T. guy's. If you were running a 1967 Mustang and needed to install a parachute without doing major fab work how would you do it? It appears that there are no specific details about accomplishing this in the NHRA rule book for car that run in the 7.90 to 9.90 range. The car is capable of 150 mph and currently low 8 sec. passes.

  2. hodgesgi

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    I would probably just ruin the rear bumper.:Do No:
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  3. N360LL

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    With a measuring tape and a welder the owner/driver/crew chief was able to fabricate a rather trick bracket that mounts behind the rear bumper and attaches in the same location as the factory bumper. The modification was limited to the notching of the bumper to allow for the parachute cord and such.

    Next week it the trial run for the setup at the track.

    And the rear spoiler is on it's way from Ed Quay Components.

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  4. Michael Evans

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    I did not think a parachute was needed until the car did 175 MPH?

    It does look cool at the end of the track
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    You need one at 150 mph. My favorite mount was an altered I saw that had a tab welded to the rear end cover that the chute anchored to. When I asked the guy about how well it worked he said that he'd never had to pull the chute.

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    Install a class 2 trailer hitch with a 1 1/4 square tube receiver below the bumper. When you want to go from race to street pull the pin, unhook release cable and toss it in the trunk. A steel plate welded to the bottom of hitch works well as a wheely bar also.....:)
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  7. N360LL

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    The custom bracket and mount assembly is similar to a trailer hitch mount actually. There was some thought to simply welding a tab and plate to the differential housing and attaching the chute to it liek the altered you mentioned.

    This project started because of coming very very close to the sandtrap at Bandimere on opening weekend. Not enough braking capability with the existing disc/drum setup and too costly to convert to a racing only setup this season.

    So between teh parachute and the wing the plan is to have a car that is stable and can stop safely every time down the track.
  8. Richard Elbon

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    Punch your nose into the sand and it will cost a lot more than a big diameter brake kit.
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  10. ilikebmx999

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    Wow that is moving for bandimere and mostly stock appearing. I’d love to see it run if you’re there this season.

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