Ingenue retro Funny Car t-shirts available for sale...!

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by, May 6, 2010.

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    Bump... case anyone missed it,less than 2 dozen left.:Brow:
  2. Well-Known Member

    Hot Rod issue is out guys...

    August issue...check it out...and be the first on your block with the coolest shirt of the summer!:bglasses:

    Proud daddy...

    Pit crew and fan club...:beer

  3. Topcat

    Topcat Got TORQUE?

    Very cool.....i need one in XL please.......PM me with details. :TU: :TU: :TU:

    Peace WildBill
  4. chuck56

    chuck56 Chuck Sincerbeaux

    PM sent ..
  5. Joe65SkylarkGS

    Joe65SkylarkGS 462 ina 65 Lark / GN

    I am patiently awaiting my 4 shirts thank you John.

    Where in brooklyn were the guys? I grew up in Flatbush and spent many dollars at PeeGee Perf aka Scotty. I lived on Ave K and Kings Highway. Just curious how close I was to the action at a ripe age of 4 :(
  6. HotWired

    HotWired Well-Known Member

    I guess this would be the only way for me to own a piece of the car and history :beer Thanks for making these available. I would like one in large, PM sent.
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    Just waiting on that check Joe,then I'll get them out...I'm holding my entire 2XL inventory for you man.:bglasses:

    I left Brooklyn in 1970 when I was 12,we lived in the Borough Park area,on 45th st between 12 th & 13 ave.
    Both Brooklyn Speed & Machine and Mid-County Buick were both in a bad part of town...know that for a fact.

    PM sent Bill...thanks.

    Chuck56 & Hotwired,
    PM's responded to,thanks again for your interest in Ingenue...:TU:
  8. skierkaj

    skierkaj Day 2 Street Screamer

    I got my shirt the other day. Way cool! I'm gonna wear it to work (Napa) tomorrow and see how many looks I get . . . :grin:
  9. Well-Known Member

    Too cool John...people are sending me pictures of them wearing the shirts at all kinds of car events.I wore mine at a swap meet last wknd and got all kinds of stares,people just hook right onto that retro BS&M logo...:beers2:
  10. HotWired

    HotWired Well-Known Member

    pm and payment sent :TU:
  11. Well-Known Member

    And received...I believe yours went out this morning.:beer
  12. lookin4a67gs

    lookin4a67gs For Your Viewing Pleasure

    These shirts are BAD A$$, pm payment info.:TU:
  13. Well-Known Member

    Thanks Ryan...PM sent.:bglasses:
  14. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    I'd like at least two--one to keep clean and wear to shows and such, one to wear at the track and get a little grimy. Please PM me with destructions and I'll send some money. Large unless they run small.
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    115 shirt re-order received...!

    Back in business with eight (8) sizes from Youth M to 4XL...what are you waiting for?:Do No:

    Thank you again V8Buick for all your support....!:beers2:
  16. the loon

    the loon Well-Known Member

    I got one of these and they are really cool.
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    Thank you guys for all the support...!

    Thanks John...wear it in good health too!:bglasses:

    Man you guys are good,thank you again for all the support and interest in dad and I are blown away by you dedicated Buick freaks!:3gears:

    Still good selection in most sizes...
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    Last call on the shirts...and new decals available soon!

    Hey guys,

    Still have just over 100 shirts but headed to this event ( ) next month and I expect to come back with none based on the sheer size of that event.:eek2:

    Still have good selection in most sizes,shirts are still just $25/shipped lower 48.Checks are fine as well as paypal (add $2/shirt)...come and get 'em.:Brow:

    Also having 500 5" Brooklyn Speed & Machine decals made as we speak which look exactly like the originals from 1967.
    Not sure on the pricing yet but if interested,please PM me and I'll start a list.
    This is another item I expect to sell through in NC.

    Thanks as always guys for all your kind words and support of Ingenue..!:TU:
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    In case anyone missed this...heading out to NC on Monday,last call on shirts!

    Won't be checking PM's while I'm gone,if anyone is interested,either paypal me the funds (please add $2/shirt to cover their fees) and I will ship out when I return on the 25th.
    You can also snail mail me a check to the addy below and I'll get to those when I get back.


    John Lipori
    Salinas Valley Ford
    795 Elvee Dr.
    Salinas,CA 93901
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    Limited time special offer...FREE decals w/every shirt order!

    Yes,you read that right...just in time for the holidays or until supplies run out.

    Buy one Ingenue/Brooklyn Speed & Machine t-shirt and receive two (2) 5" BS&M decals absolutely free...:beer ...that's a $5 value!

    Shirts are just $25/shipped (lower 48),personal checks are fine,kindly add $2/order if using paypal to cover their fees...send funds to or PM me for my mailing address.

    Here's some fine NC V8buick peeps representing,Thanks to Kurt,Greg,Joe and family for the support.


    decal detail:


    Get 'em while they last guys...and thanks once again for your interest & support of Ingenue!:beer

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