I'm considering swaping to a T-5, anyone got one kinda cheap?

Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by Floydsbuick, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Floydsbuick

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    I hate to have to ask since $$$$$ is a fleeting thing thanks to years of financial stupidity, but I'd like to upgrade to a Camaro T-5 trans. Normally they are out of my price range, but maybe one of youns has one your tired of tripping over or something like that and it's kinda cheap. My A-833 is starting to grind third pretty hard, and frankly, its not a quick tranny. Its like shifting lead weights around. I got all winter so I'm in no hurry. And I'm looking to use it, not profit from it. If you are near Pittsburgh and need some welding done, maybe we can trade or something? I really wanted to save for an intake and cam first, put the grinding trans needs help first. Thanks,
  2. BbyCbra

    BbyCbra streetfighter TR-6

    if you're going to park the t5 behind a v8 of any strength be sure to get the WC (world class) t5 at least, the t5's that came out of the 6 cyl gm f body cars will get torn up pretty quick

    attached a list of t5 codes that help denote what the tranny came out of, word doc

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  3. BbyCbra

    BbyCbra streetfighter TR-6

    here are the #'s just for GM WC tranny's:

    159 = GMC 1986 F Cars 5.0 V8 LG4 WC
    160 = GM 1986 F Cars 5.0 V8 L69 WC
    175 = GM 1988 F Car B9 Racing 5.0L V WC
    176 = GM 1988 F Car lO3 TBI 5.0L V8 WC
    195 = GM 1989 F-Cars L89 5.0L V8 WC
    196 = GM 1989 F-Car LO3 TBI 5.0L V8 WC
    212 = GM 1992 1/2 MY-F Car WC
    213 = GM 1992 1/2 MY-F Car WC
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    Dan, that new process is probley worth a lot to some MOPAR guy. Remember, the F-body is offset by 18 degrees. Popular Hot Rodding did this swap on an ElCamino and discussed how to bring the trans to a "straight up" position. You might want to try the Monte Carlo SS board to see if someone else did this behind a BBC, I know, not as much torque, but what can they do?

    You might try scrounging up a Super T-10, a lot of the Camaro guys have switched to AOD. I do know of a place that is selling these for $250-300 bucks used. Last I talked to him he had 18 or so left. He's in WI and shipping is about $70 to your area (I think).


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