I am in my 40's

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  1. derek244

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    I know I am in my mid 40's. Why? Because I never lift off the right pedal. It just feels right in a Buick. That is what stuns the guy (or girl) next to me. May be an old beat up little Skylark 350 4bbl, but hey, she is a knock out imo. Always a good day/night in a Buick.
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  3. BrunoD

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    When I first started hanging out on Woodword Ave? {Long Island look like } they all were laughing at the Buick.After the first BBC I raced,they were all looking at the engine,looking for the nitrous bottle,scratching their heads at what made this car go as it idled at about 800 RPM,never missed a beat.Warren,a good friend at that time and big chevy fan,always scratched his heads about the tone of my BBB.Took them all on and the rest is history.Bruno.
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    When I bought my GS 350 in '85 people looked, thought, wondered "Whats a GS?"
    I held strong to my like for Buicks, even tho it was odd for a 20 year old "kid" to like an "old mans car"
    I've always been different from the masses, I dont follow the crowd, thats boring, I hate being a "me too, me too person"
    Im 55 now, my have times changed, still have my GS 350, and added an 87 GN in 1999.
    Seems the stigma of "Buicks dont run" has changed to "keep your eye on that Buick"

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