Hypothetical 350 turbo convert to 455 manual?

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by garybuick, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. garybuick

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    This is hypothetical but IF a guy had a 73 LeSabre 350 turbo 375b, for example, and he wanted a 455 manual trans in it, could he convert first to manual trans with the 350 and then later just swap the 350 for a 455? Would the 455 bolt right up in the right location to where the 350 was successfully bolted up or would the trann have to be moved forward or back and driveshaft lengthened shortened?
  2. buick64203

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    Yes, one could do that. You would however need to swap the 350 flywheel for a 455 flywheel and swap the SB 10 1/2" pressure plate and disc for a larger 11". The frame mounts would need to be swapped on the engine cradle from the 350 style to the 455 style. The 455 sits more forward in the frame so the driveshaft would be the same

    Not sure where you would located the pedals, linkage and clutch start switch from.
  3. garybuick

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    Thanks. Not sure either. I did this to a 66 belair powerglide though. Found a 6 cyl with three on the tree and took the clutch pedals and linkage off that. Worked perfect.. Somehow have to find the part numbers for a 71 three speed car and cross match it with some hollander book I guess and see what else it was used on. Start tracking from there. Could use hydraulic clutch though. Still need pedals, preferrably the ones that would have been used.

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