Hudson Valley Car Show

Discussion in 'Buick Events and Clubs' started by 73Electra 225, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. 73Electra 225

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    Just a reminder that tomorrow, July 7th, is the annual Sawyer Motors Car Show in the village of Saugerties, NY. Streets are closed off in the center of town for the show. Always lots of nice cars and plenty of good eats.
  2. DauntlessSB92

    DauntlessSB92 Addicted to Buick

    I'll be there tomorrow, my Dad lives up in Saugerties. Unfortunately I won't be able to bring my GS, but it's not a show car anyway.
  3. DauntlessSB92

    DauntlessSB92 Addicted to Buick

    Did anyone here go? A decent showing for Buicks there. I really should have brought mine.

    I took a few pictures but I am a terrible photographer. I'll have to steal some of the better shots my wife took.

    I threw in a pic of a 67 air cleaner on a chevy, thought that was interesting.

    20190707_142935.jpg 20190707_143422.jpg 20190707_145702.jpg 20190707_150328.jpg 20190707_151952.jpg 20190707_152441.jpg 20190707_152855.jpg
  4. 73Electra 225

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    I was there. Actually not two minutes into walking around and Jim Ramsey found me as I was wearing one of my BPG Yardley picnic shirts. My computer shop is just across the street to the right of the Reatta. As I live here, I can say I’ve been to every show and the number of Buicks attending keep going up little by little.


    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    that maybe looks like a chevy 3 deuce setup under that starwars . wonder how they got that to fit ?

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