How to Post a Photo on V8

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    Didn't see a thread on Posting Pictures so I thought I'd create one. Probably not necessary for most, but maybe it helps a few.

    When you go to post in a thread, you'll see a tab "Upload a File" at the bottom of the dialog box. Click it.

    A File Upload Box will pop up,
    Within that file upload box, you can navigate all around your computer. Go to your picture folder, and select the photo by clicking once on it. The file will turn blue when you click on it.
    Click "Open" at the bottom of the File Upload Box.
    The picture will upload and resize automatically. It will then display at the bottom of the dialog box. You have two choices, one, leave it as a thumbnail, or two, click on "Full Image". The picture will display as a full image within the dialog box. If you have typed in text as part of your post, you should place the cursor within your text where you want the picture to display within the text BEFORE you click "Full Image".

    Then click "Post Reply" to post the picture and your text to the thread.

    Hope that helps.
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