How to increase BBB engine longevity!

Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by Staged70Lark, Aug 31, 2005.

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    Lonnie.... How much time and money do you have in putting that engine together? How much time and money will it take to finish the engine, put it in the car and then remove it to fix it again???

    There is only one way to build an engine... and that is the correct way! If you feel your engine is done correctly with the correct oil mods then continue in the direction you are going. If you do not, then take it apart NOW and make it right!
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    ive never done any scientific experiments on it but think the steel wool inbeds abrasives in the metal. alot of people wont use it on bearings for the same reason. like John says take it apart cause it will suck if you have to take it apart in extra peices.

  3. td99

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    so whatd you do Lonnie?
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    Bump for good info in here...
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    From every page I read, which was darn right good information. I only have a few question's! #1) Has anyone thought of what the small block Ford boys do? #2) Running a individual thermal probes on the headers to see which cylinders are running lean? #3) ever thought of running a smaller diameter crank to reduce weight? I understand that some of this things are not practical for the lower hp engine people but sure can help figure out the engine breakage problem. Has anyone had the main web areas sonic tested to see the thickness variation between each main web areas? I guessing here but, I bet there is thickness variation betwen them!

    Buickstage1, what is your assessment on looking at pistons, bearings, and ect. for detonation? My Tiny 289 HIPO made almost 500 hp and when I decided to take it apart to freshin it up, I noticed some tiny pits in two pistons only. I took those two pistons and two others to a Ford God ( Roush Racing ) to get a assessment done. Two of the main guys there both said its common to see this in some fords! Fuel distribution is a major problem in all engines and its your duty to figure it out or pay someone to figure it out. That's their words, not mine. Needless to say I played hell on figuring the fuel distribution thing. Reading plugs is a thing of the past because of inconsistency of materials now.. Running a knock sensor is the only way to go inless you plan on running individual EGT sensors and a datalogger! Sincerely. Gary M.
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  8. 300sbb_overkill

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    Reducing the diameter of a BBB crank's mains with only crank spacers will cause the block to flex more without the TA full girdle. Reducing weight while maintaining rigidity would go a long way though.

    Like Chris said in the other thread, "the crank is the back bone in a BBB".

  9. gmcgruther

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    Derek, I was assuming he was using a block and main girdle! I would never attempt making anything over 550 hp without a girdle, If you do, then you are just asking for trouble. This is where I have learned on here that reading pays off before building ;) Less weight meand less harmonic's and able to rev the engine abit more. My question still stands, has anyone sonic tested the main web area? I betcha it has the same issues as poor casting blocks! Remember the 302 Fords crank and split like the big block buicks do. And yes, there crank is there back bone too. Westech just made history for Ford not even a month ago. How you ask? Simple, westech bought a junkyard 351Windsor, completely bone stock and having 135,000+ miles on it and bought a high end twin turbo kit for it. Yes, they hooked every imaginable sensor to it and started there runs, needless to say after making more then a 1000+ ponies on a junkyard mule engine it finally gave up the ghost, but they said if they didn't get greedy and push it over 1100+ ponies it would live happily ;) Now that being said, having the fuel distribution, no detonation, and not screaming it to death it can survive at them levels. I believe the bbb can do the same if Someone had the money to prove it! Its like how Mike said to everyone and me, TA products are for the average person and its for them to fine tune there engine and my product! I know for the not so rich, this becomes a burden. This why I hung around some of the best people in the automotive industry and the thing that cracks me up is that I'm still learnin something new every day ;) Sincerely Gary M.
  10. 300sbb_overkill

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    I do believe that Finishline put a Buick Nailhead crank in a BBB 455 and pretty sure I read that on v8. If you're not familiar with a NH crank, they have a 2.5" main journal and are forged steel.

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    With lightweight pistons and alum rods and half fill of block filler and keeping the rpms below 6500, I think the limit is 700 not 550 without a girdle.

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