How many GSE cars are actually street driven?

Discussion in 'GSE Street Eliminator Series' started by Jeff Kitchen, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. Jeff Kitchen

    Jeff Kitchen Well-Known Member

    OK, so I'm bored! We have great weather here, but the tracks won't open again for a couple weeks. So I dumped some Mobil 93 in the old fuel cell and went for a drive. Ok it was only 2 miles up to the auto parts store, but it felt good to get her going again. Have you ever taken a curve at 30 MPH with Moroso springs and drag shocks? :eek2: :eek2: Well it was fun, but I could tell the ol' 455 didn't like the pump gas. Back in the garage, up on jack stands. I'd like to be tearing the motor apart and making more power, but other things come first.

    So, anyone else actually drive their GSE car still? I know you all have more $$ in your cars than I do. But, it's not any different than warming up the car driving around the pits!

    By the way, my last test day the car went 10.22@128. Not earth shattering, I know. Same motor as Bowling Green. I think there's a little more in it, too. (Did I mention the heads aren't ported?)

    Have fun. Get out and drive it!


    I don't and haven't since the spool has been in it. I will go around the block to check things out once in a while.
    I still have not looked into it to see what went wrong at the BPG race.
    Bow season ends 1/15 so I will soon find out what happened.
    Take care Jeff and I'll see you in spring.
  3. Buicks4Speed

    Buicks4Speed Advanced Member

    Not GSE but...

    I don't have a GSE car but I have driven mine to the track and been to Sonics with it. It runs pump gas like a champ. 11.5 compression and a big cam make it plenty street friendly on pump gas. I use a little blue bottle to make my compression. :Brow: The only thing that keeps my trips short is oil temps from a 3/4 filled block. I coated my pistons this year so we'll see if that helps at all.
  4. Bobb Makley

    Bobb Makley Well-Known Member

    I have never drove the black car since is was done. I used to drive the blue GSE car over to buddy's house or to a local show. Not a lot of driving But I don't mind driving it Planned on cruiseing it BG last year but never did.
  5. yellow x

    yellow x Active Member

    Bob, can't you get the front wheels any higher off the ground????
  6. Bobb Makley

    Bobb Makley Well-Known Member

    I sure can but the pictures are not very clear. I don't hit the apex of the launch till about 30 feet out by then most people have aready takn there picture. this one doesn't that impressive till you look at the roof of the firebird beside me and see the front fender is as high as it is Jeff told me he could see the hood from behiund me. HEHEHE. :grin:

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  7. yellow x

    yellow x Active Member

    Bobb, nice shot. What a bummer the foto isn't sharp and clear. Nothin' like puttin' a Fireturd out, and doing it on only 2 wheels!!!! That's cool. Got any more ya can post?

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