Honda CRV steering wheel alignment

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    Daughter took her car to a Firestone in Tallahassee and bought a set of tires and an alignment. I dont know why but she did. The car didnt really need tires and to me drove fine. Was a bit of road noise which could have been tire related. When they were done the quoted tires were not installed but some cheap off brand and the car pulled right. Took it back and then it drove straight but wandered and the wheel was about 1/4 turn off. After that she lost faith in them and didnt follow up.
    Fast fwd a month. She buys new struts cause her BF told her that would help. She goes to my guy for the install and a new alignment. They get the car straight and it drives fine but the wheel is 90* off. Literally the center bar is straight up and down. Now shes really upset. wants to give up and sell "that POS". My guy says the adjustments on the tie rod ends are bottomed out on the rack and it cant be straightened. Suggest new tie rod ends even though theres no play in the old ones. I say pass and I'll take a look after work.
    It was as they said. no adj left but I see no reason why it would be like that. It was a 65K mile 2006 car when we bought it this time last yr and shes clocked around 40K since. She drives the wheels off it. I got under the dash and loosened the coupler between the column and the rack. Used the bolt threaded backwards against a small piece of aluminum to lightly spread the coupler and then turned the wheel straight. Tighten everything up test drive and repeat 2 times until its just about spot on straight. I dont really see any future problems with the fix and it should be just as safe as ever. The only other solution I thought of was to chop a inch or so off the back side of each tie rod end.
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    Did they sell her tie rod ends when they aligned it? If so they may have gotten the wrong ones (ordered wrong, looked up wrong, pulled wrong or boxed wrong-each is possible).

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