Help with Rochester 2gv on 72 skylark

Discussion in 'Other' started by ledhed0507, Jun 9, 2013.

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    hello all, Zack here. so it has been about a month i have been driving my buick daily and it has been stable and reliable throughout. but now it looks like i have encountered my first speed bump. 3 days ago, when i started the car, it took a try or two more than usual, but fired up. however, it seemed to just stall out as soon as i shifted from park to drive. worse, on my way home, my car started to bog down again like it wasn't getting gas. it did actually stall out in traffic and i was able to coast into a parking lot. under the hood, there was gas dripping from all sides of the base of my carburator, right where it meets the manifold. with the help of an excellent guide i found here on v8buick, i yanked the carb off and disassembled it, after getting towed home of course. my dad seems to think it was a bad gasket, so i bought a carb rebuild kit, and cleaned the hell out of my carb, it clearly needed this because the carbon was really caked on the linkages. however, upon reassembling the carb and putting it on the car, we fired it up again and got the same leak, only worse, this time gas was also trickling out of the throttle body to bowl gasket as well as the bottom. what gives? has my carb just worn out? buy a new one? what do you guys think?
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    Did you replace the float?
    Most kits don't come with the float. You should replace it and make sure you adjust it to the correct height. It will require adjusting, don't just put it in out of the box.

    That is why your gaskets are soaking and your fuel overflow. Also replace your fuel filter if you didn't do that.
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    did replace the fuel filter, did not replace the float. it is possible that it is at the wrong height, i didn't change it from where it was at.
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    The float is probably bad and needs replaced. Your rebuild kit instructions will have the proper float level listed. If you can't find it, let me know and I will look it up, I don't remember where I usually set those off the top of my head.

    Brass floats can get pin holes and the others can get saturated, so they don't shut off the fuel supply like they should. I always replace the float during all of my rebuilds.

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    also check fuel pump output pressure - should probably be in the 5-6 lbs range . too much and it will overpower a good/correctly set float .

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