Has your 72 been undercoated???

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by koosh, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. koosh

    koosh Well-Known Member

    Have a 72 Skylark, no rust. That's because it was undercoated years ago, I assume in the 70's.
    Problem is, this undercoating is now like a thick grease? Now matter how hard to wipe it off under the car, it's still there, like it never hardened or cured? Inside the rear quarters, in the trunk, it's like sprayed on grease!
    Anyone else experience this stuff? Does it wreck the value when going to sell?
  2. mygs462

    mygs462 Well-Known Member

    My 72 had something similar i had ro scrape it off. Funny thing we it gets hoy like 90s it would actually drip out of the car. it was like a waxy grease.
  3. Max Damage

    Max Damage I'm Working on it!

    Maybe try alcohol or acetone in little spot and see if that gets rid of it? Regarding the value, it's not correct and anyone that wants to make the car correct would need to get rid of all that stuff which is a pain.

    I know, as my car had some genius spray tarry stuff in the trunk. Yuck.
  4. koosh

    koosh Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm gettin ready to sell.....I hope next owner dont mind.....but I'm not scraping that's for sure! Lol
  5. gstewart

    gstewart Well-Known Member

    My car had a lot of a product called "Rockhard" on the firewall, fender liners and other places. The only solvent that would cut the surface was toluene. Once the surface was cut on the firewall, lacquer thinner removed it. On the fender liners I had to use a propane torch and a putty knife.
    we sprayed the underbody with a light coating with rubberized asphalt undercoating.
  6. Mart

    Mart Gold level member

    That's the good stuff! Ziebart, Polyoleum & some others in the 70's hardened and developed cracks after many years. The moisture penetrates the cracks and rust is at work beneath the undercoating.
    You have the good grezzy type that actually keeps rust at bay....:)
    Be thankful.
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  7. Storm1

    Storm1 Silver Level contributor

    Make sure they poked out the drain holes or it will hold water in your doors. Don't ask me how I know...
  8. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    Let the new owner worry about it:p

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