Hanging the Wheels HIGH! Help?

Discussion in 'GSE Street Eliminator Series' started by Jeff Hart, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart Platinum Level Contributor

    Ok guys, our cars simply fly down the quarter mile, we all know that. However we or at least I know that pulling monster wheelies in other events (local or otherwise) is way cool! Anyway, I can get down the quarter mile at a fair pace, (not quite as quick as a few other GSE competitors) however I have a local event coming up this weekend, (Saturday, the 12th) against the "off brands" and really want to put on a show. 10.40's is good for us, however I would sacrifice a few tenths for putting the wheels in the air! (Bruce and Dave you don't count, I know how you run, you can do both!) Anyway, I am looking for tips on how to sacrifice the 60t times (don't need them with the Pontiacs anyway!) just trying to pull the wheels up and hang em' for a bit, just to show off! E-mail or post and show me how to hang 'em high!:Dou:
  2. dualqwad

    dualqwad ...just another lost soul

    Hang 'em high

    We used to do this with a '69 Chevy Nova SS 396 when we wanted to "show off":Brow:

    Run with the spare tire in the trunk filled with about 50-60 lbs. of hidden ballast; fill it with rocks, nuts & bolts, or whatever before it's mounted on the rim.

    Make very sure your mount is secure if you're gonna try this one.:laugh:
  3. Jim Rodgers

    Jim Rodgers Guest

    Hang 'em high!


    Do you have adjustable uppers on your car? If so, a simple trick we have used is to take the preload out of the passenger side upper, and then actually put negative preload in the passenger upper, about 1 1/2 turns. Then we let all the air out of the passenger side air bag. And then add weight into the trunk on the extreme passenger side. In effect, instead of lengthening the passenger upper to install preload, we shortened it.........kind of getting the passenger rear of the car headed downward before the car even moves, right off the bat. Doesnt help with the 60' one bit, but it effectively helps get the right front up in the air. It was impressive on my racing buddies '68 Chevelle, but knocked a tenth off his 60'.

    Give it a try.
  4. John Stevens

    John Stevens Well-Known Member

    :grin: Come On Jeff!!! Everyone knows all it takes is a transbrake & a 2-step. LOL :TU: :TU: :TU: Wish I could make it this year, guess you'll have to get the trophy! Good Luck! John Stevens
  5. Lon Bauer

    Lon Bauer Well-Known Member

    Where is Professor Physics????? Grab alittle...lift-a-lot...hmmmmm. Jeff you car is capable...just put a big "S" on the door..... adjustable uppers, front weight, slow converter.... I see you're car laying some hard pavement pounding smack-down, but not in the nose-in-da-sky race Sorry. Need to lighten the front-end ..illegally
  6. Buicks4Speed

    Buicks4Speed Advanced Member


    Put a 125 or 150 of Nitrous on it and if it bites you'll be using your bumper for a wheelie bar. :jd: No need for a transbrake either.
    :stmad: :stmad: :stmad:
  7. Jeff Hart

    Jeff Hart Platinum Level Contributor

    Hey guys, thanks for all of the input. Certainly have a wide variety of ideas to try!:grin: John, you aren't going to be there to use the 2-step pulling your monster wheelies but Dave Dechant has one now.... It will be fun:) :grin:
  8. Bruce Kent

    Bruce Kent Well-Known Member

    Hi Jeff.
    This may be too late but....
    If you want to make the car twist like Dave's use to take off the rear sway bar. I'm assuming the lower control bars will have rubber bushings. Word of caution, the car will probably drive to the right.

    Hang on and have fun.

    Bruce Kent
  9. Richard Elbon

    Richard Elbon Well-Known Member

    Your car will be a lot more stable and go straighter with properly adjusted STRONG wheelie bars. I set up my 71 Hemi 4spd Duster set on dead soft at 9.40s-151 to lift the skinnies 4 to 6 inches and and ride through the 1st hundred feet then drop on the 1-2 (crash box trans)and skim them through to third. With a spool it was very stable the entire run. I’ve seen a lot of cars launch,specially G body GMs with 4 feet showing and it’s a flip of the coin wondering which way they will go when the front touches down. Hard on front suspensions.You tube the current day NHRA Pro Stockers and you’ll see what I mean.

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