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    Just a thought after reading all of yours. If the class wants/NEEDS more cars,why not make it more appealing to the ironheaded guys (like me) that can't afford to build a rocketship like the rest of you. It would be neat to see a 1967 GS in there but my car may run 11.50's, maybe. I have been working on this thing for over 10 years and have been doing a lot of watching all of you guys (along with my Bro - G Ball) at BG Kentucky and now that I am ready, FINALLY, "RL" has basically pissed everyone off for the POOR payouts. So, I, like I'm sure a lot of other guys, who do not really want to bracket race, have no where to race. I mean will 300 lbs. put a car like mine in the high 9's or very low 10's in order to be competitive? NO, but a change in the weight rule WILL definately make for a much better turnout, guaranteed!
    Then, the rest of us can bracket race!
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    Just tell gary to build a new motor and take his old one. Be even better if you put it on him with it:laugh: . Man I bet he would be mad. That would be fun to watch (from some distance away)
  3. frank67gs

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    I would have to sell my kid!!

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