Good street cam to reduce cyl. pressure on 10.25 motor

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by Darryl Roederer, Feb 17, 2002.

  1. Darryl Roederer

    Darryl Roederer Life is good

    I just scored a 69 Gs-350 motor,,, a real GS motor, 10.25:1 compression. 75k original miles. Came out of a car rusted beyond any hope of repair:ball:
    Anyway, I'd like to put this motor into a driver, and would like to do a cam swap to free up a few ponies, as well as reduce cyl. pressure to deal with the crappy gas we got here.
    Looking for sugestions...

    **reducing pressure is my first goal, HP is second, and I'd prefer to keep it mild...


    BTW, I'll be parting a 69 GS with a rust problem. Low miles car, lots of nice parts. Drop me a line with your needs, I'll get back to you.
  2. quick85

    quick85 wrench turner

    69 gs motor [ code rp]

    hey, me too 100 smacks! hows yours run? think this one needs valve springs.
  3. Darryl Roederer

    Darryl Roederer Life is good

    Runs like a dream. 4.30 rear gear, everythings tight, shift kit and converter in the tranny [about 3000]
    Lays down rubber as long as as you keep your foot in it, and pulls like a mild 455. It feels like a mid 13 car. But that might have something to do with it's light weight body, I'v never seen a car rusted like this before, it's Baaaaad:eek2:
    Watermellon sized holes in the 1/4's, fenders flap in the breeze like wings on a bird, even the roof has rust *thru* above the windshield:shock:
    The rear window is so bad, that if you push on the glass, you can hear the rust "crackle", and the window sags in about 1 inch at the bottom.
    What's really amazing is that from 100 ft. away, it looks like an almost perfect car!!! Paint is really shiney, chrome shines bright, all the trim intact, no dents, grille and bumpers are "perfect"...
    This car obviously came with no bodysealer at all, and spent some time around "salt".
    Total shame:ball:, if it had been "protected" from rust, with only 75k original miles, it would definately be considered a "near perfect survivor", as even the interior is 100% perfect.
    I'll get some digital pics up, so the rest of you guys can see what I mean.

    Man, do I know how to find 'em or what???
    First the "jaws of life" car,
    Then the "brick wall" car,
    And now the "perfect rust bucket":rolleyes:
  4. quick85

    quick85 wrench turner

    350 gs motor

    dont know how this one is yet, it sat for a very long time. thought i would milk her for a while, then see what happens.

    GSXMEN Got Jesus?

    70 350GS Motor

    Back around 1988, my brother bought a 350 Buick motor off my Grandfather for his 76 Regal. The motor was in a 73 4dr. boat - LeSabre I think. The motor hadn't run in about 5 yrs. so we took off the valve covers and the oil plug and flushed kerosene thru it to clean things up. He picked up a set of chrome Hooker Super Comp. headers cheap. Motor had a factory 4bbl. carb and int.

    I checked the engine code and it turned out to be the 10.25 comp. 70 GS motor!! MAN, did that thing have power! He ran it around town the first day we got the Regal going with open headers!! Not the smartest thing to do, but...sure sounded COOL! We could hear him from a couple of miles away!

    Only annoying thing was HAVING to run Sunoco 94 and a can of 104+ octane boost.

  6. gscalifornia

    gscalifornia Small blocks rule!!

    street cam

    In the first 350 I rebuilt for my '69 I ran a Lunati H210/220 cam. Probably the best running 350 I've had so far. With the stock manifolds, carb, timing, etc. it would run mid to high 14s at 92mph consistently, best of 14.60 at the '96 GS Nats in the heat. Never had a problem running on 93 octane Amoco gas and got 18mpg on the highways with a 3.23 gear and P215-70-14 radials.

    I still have the cam card for it if you're interested in the specifics, I remember the 210/220 was duration and the lift was in the 470/480 range.

  7. quick85

    quick85 wrench turner

    cam specs

    i would like a copy very much, thanks. pat
  8. gscalifornia

    gscalifornia Small blocks rule!!

    Lunati H210/220 cam specs

    Lunati part #33299
    Grind #H210-220

    Lobe seperation 110

    EX closes -4* ATDC EX opens 44* BBDC
    IN opens -1* BTDC IN closes 31* ABDC
    106* center line of IN lobe will make this cam 4* advanced

    Timing figures obtained at .050 tappet lift

    Lift at valve .455 IN .480 EX
    Duration @ .050 tappet lift 210* IN 220 EX
    Advertised Duration 260* IN 270 EX

    * is my symbol for degree

    This was a great little cam that pulled hard off the line through 5000 and idled so smooth that you wouldn't know the cam had been changed. The only reason I pulled this motor out of the car was that it was the numbers matching engine and I already had over 100 1/4 runs on it. I figured I'd best save it and built another '69 350 to drop back in and thrash on. I'm still trying to get this one to run as good as the original!!


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