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Discussion in 'A boatload of fun' started by Stage1 Jeff, Dec 25, 2004.

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    Rob, for hosting costs - www.doteasy.com

    This is who I use for all my sites...I have 5 of them.

    For the info entry, I am using a form that allows the registrant to select what options the car came with, and to enter info like VIN, cowl tag, dealer number, personal info, etc etc etc and it will be emailed to me so I can record it into my database. OR you could make your own database and have hte info automatically droppoed into that database - I believe Marco does this with his site.
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    This is a good idea. I think we should include as much information as we can on this page because it is hard to come by for the Buick full size cars. All the pictures I see of '76 electras are all the same taken from one site, all the links are broken. It'd be nice to have good info on these old cars. I had wanted to start a page like 1976Electra.com or something but this is just like what I was thinking.
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    hotrod, sent you email last week asking for info on joining your site, recieved no reply. email came from the buickman@sbcglobal.net
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    It's too much work for me to set something that big up...but I've been wanting to start the Centurion registry for a long time, so I finally bit the bullet and did it.

    There is no plan currently in place to merge any of the registries in the near future, although that can always change. The only problem is finding someone to master all that stuff. It's going to be a chore just with the Centurion registry. Mainly because I have so much information that will be entered with each car.

    There could possibly a site in the future that acts as a sort of directory to these different registries....

    Well, now that I mention it, I've got a specific section in my parts directory that lists the different registries -

    Here it is about halfway down the page:


    I haven't updated that yet to list my Centurion registry, but I will hopefully soon.
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    If you have time when your adding your Centurion registry in, could you include the boattail registry? Be sure to include Trevor's email too.(buick1971riviera@gmail.com) TIA bud. :TU: :beer I'll make it up to you some day. :)
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    WOah! THanks John....it made my computer go crazy. I fixed it now. I see Paolo got a real domain name -


    Rob, Whatcha mean by adding the boattail registry in, and where?
  8. GoldBoattail455

    GoldBoattail455 462 -> TH400 -> Posi

    HERE-> http://www.buickpartsdirectory.com/misc.htm

    Then scroll down to registries. Just make something up and put Trevor's and my email as the link. :Do No: Its up to you, if it costs extra or something dont do it.
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    ohhhhhhhh I gotcha...I;ll do that now, but I don't forget.
  10. Smartin

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    Rob are you including all 71-73 Boattails??
  11. GoldBoattail455

    GoldBoattail455 462 -> TH400 -> Posi

  12. Smartin

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    I'd be happy to cover the 71-76 Electra 225/Limited. Adam, sorry about not updating my link. I host 72Electra.com at ipowerweb.com, which is about 8 bucks/mo for 2 gigs and a fair amount of bandwidth. You can create subdomains and authorize accounts to access only those subdomains if you wish (saw what was being discussed earlier). My site was an outgrowth of a _lot_ of downtime overseas, a situation which may or may not arise again.
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    Paolo, by all means you're welcome to the 71-76 Electra:beer

    Ok, for all of you who are interested in taking on aa registry of your own, how much and what information are you planning to collect?

    Off the top of my head, this is what I am collecting for each Centurion (providing the owner has the information)

    - Personal Info (Name, address, phone, email)
    - VIN
    - Cowl Tag info (body number, trim package, paint codes, date codes)
    - Option codes (power windows, cruise, etc.)
    - Mileage
    - Date of record (time of registering)
    - Condition of Vehicle
    - Any special comments such as brief history on the car

    The form I have created/altered from Marco's Stage1 registry was the most time consuming project of the whole deal to get it started. - here is the direct link to it.


    As you can see, I have not added the mileage or date of record entry points yet, but they will be there shortly. There are always some things to tweak as something like this is introduced.

    From time of inception, to its current state, my registry has taken probably 40 hours of my time....and that's just getting it started. I had 4 submissions come through last night, and each one takes considerable time to enter into the database, and then to creat a page that people can view via the website. Each page takes an average of 20 minutes to throw together....that's if I don't have to look up every option code in the book. The time is doubled or tripled if pictures and stories are included, because 90% of the time, I have to resize the pictures and load them. I'm more than happy to do it though! You really have to have a passion for this stuff to make it worth your while....otherwise, you're going to be kicking yourself.

    This is why I ask whomever wants to start a registry "what information are you planning on collecting?"
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    I'm pretty dern smart on the 1969/70 Wildcat & LeSabre. Can I be useful to anyone? :Smarty:
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    Hi, was just reading the thread and noticed you were discussing hosting issues. I serve as a webmaster for my companies sites as well as my own, and they and I both have hosting reseller accounts. They vary widely in price, features, support, but to give you an idea ours is their smallest reseller plan and comes with 5GB storage, 50GB transfer, and pretty much unlimited everything else like domains, email, mysql, etc. These accounts are $24.95/mo. with the vendor use. Don't know if that's something you'd be interested in, but just thought I would mention a reseller account in general since it seems like it might be able to handle the various domains, etc. for the models and categories.

  17. WQ59B

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    If this is still 'on the front burner', I will volunteer to do whatever for '59s & 60s. Adam- what you're collecting for the Centurions looks excellent IMO.
  18. Smartin

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    Thank you Mark....it's a TON of work, but I enjoy the outcome:beer
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    1975 buick park avenue needs a home if not it goes to a derby

    i found a guy that has a bunch of electras wagons carpices and impalas. he does derby's :af: . but the good news is that he will sell the complete cars as is. the park avenue is very rare. i believ they only made 137 of them. its full loaded. it needs work, but is complete. he has a 74 electra 225, a 73 caprice 4 door, 76 pontiac wagon grand safari 76 caprice classic 4 door, 76 delta 88 4 door(this 1 is very decent)brown.the park ave vin is 4x39t5h409711., a 76 lesabre 4 door custom, a 73 olds cutlass custom cruser wagon,he also has a 62 buick electra 225 4door and some more. some are good for parts and a few would be worth fixing up.or if you need a part call me also.feel free to call me at 9197506443
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    let's not for get us le sabre guys!!
    i'd love to register my 75

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