Fuel pump relay wires 1970 Buick riviera

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by sonofbuick70, Jun 12, 2021.

  1. sonofbuick70

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    Signed up here to help try to find a fuel pump relay wire.. for my dads 1970 Buick riviera. Everything works minus the wire dropped a pin which I’m sure it’s been the source of issues for a while now… any help is appreciated here’s the picture of the wire needed and the two pins on top of the part.

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  2. sonofbuick70

    sonofbuick70 New Member

    do you have a picture so i can refer to it? i apologize im not familiar with this car,
    he got an oil change and his car has since this post has not started.
    i can't help my pops the way id like to. im just not versed in buick enough.
    its hard enough this car has brought me nothing but stress HAHA.
    but please any knowledge on this matter helps. ive tried everything.
    and i can't find the fuse for the pump in the engine bay.its probably right under my nose too.
    also, the oil light goes on when we rigged and bypassed a wire to the pump.

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