FS: 1969 Buick Buick Skylark Gran Sport Coupe 2D

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  1. XtinctElise

    XtinctElise 1969 Buick Skylark GS 455, 5-speed

    1969 Buick Skylark GS - 2 Door Hardtop
    Built 455 - 560 HP - Candy Apple Red
    5-speed transmission, positraction
    86,240 original miles
    $34,995 OBO

    Location: Omaha, NE

    Video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeCLFLaR
    Facebook Marketplace public listing: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/292412865838152/

    Engine: 560HP
    Buick Powered 455 bored to 462 c.i.
    Built by Northwest Buick
    - Block 1973 Buick 455
    - Cam GS-6110
    - Lifters Hi-Rev
    - Push Rods Chrome Molly 3/8”
    - Pistons Forged Aluminum
    - Rings Chrome Molly
    - Bearings M77
    - Holly Fuel Injection, Pro-Jection 4
    - Edelbrock Aluminum Intake Manifold Performer
    - Unilite Distributor
    - Mallory Electronic Ignition
    - Mallory Rev Limiter HyFire IV Ignition Booster
    - Accel 8.8mm Plug Wires
    - Oil Pump Heavy Duty
    - Timing Set Triple-Strand Roller Timing Chain
    - Pioneer Gaskets & Neoprene Seals
    - Felpro Freeze Plugs
    - Lakewood Safety Bellhousing, Scatter Shield
    - Flywheel Steel
    - TA Headers, Ceramic Coated
    - Exhaust 3” Dual Mandrel bent, Turbo Mufflers

    Machine Work
    - Machined Head for Oversized Valves
    - Machined for Spring Pads & Seals
    - Competition Port, 3-Angle Valve Grind
    - Aligned Bore Mains
    - Rebored Cylinders
    - Resurfaced Block Deck
    - Installed Cam Bearings
    - Balanced Engine Assembly, Magnaflux

    Heads – Stage 1
    - Heads Stage 1
    - TA Roller Rocker Arms
    - Valve Springs Dual 107
    - Valve Locks Heavy Duty Steel
    - Valves Stage 1 Stainless
    - Guides Bronze Cast
    - Retainers Snap Fit/ No Wiggle

    Crank Shaft
    - Ground V8 Crank
    - Hung & Aligned
    - Flash Grind Beams, Shot Peen & Resized Rods

    - 5-speed Richmond Gear (Manual)
    - Long Shifter
    - Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch

    - Driveshaft Safety Loop (Welded)
    - Driveshaft Heavy Duty U-Joints
    - Driveshaft Balanced by Inland Truck
    - GM 12-Bolt Positraction
    - 3.31 Carrier (Posi-traction)
    - Monster Flange, C-clip Eliminator
    - Strange Safety Hub
    - Reinforced Rear End, Welded Casing
    - Strange Super Strength Side and Spider Gears
    - TA Studs
    - Moroso Long Studs

    Exterior Candy Apple Red
    - 2 Door Hardtop
    - Factory Air Induction
    - House of Color - Candy Apple Red paint (gold base-coat)
    - 15” Buick Rally Wheels & Goodyear Eagle ST’s
    - QA1 Fully Adjustable Shocks
    - Urethane Rear End Bushings

    - Off White Interior, original Vinyl
    - Reupholstered Front Seats
    - AutoMeter Tachometer
    - Cyberdyne Gauges integrated into dash
    - Oil Pressure
    - Oil Temp / Water Temp
    - Voltmeter
    - Alpine Security System
    - Kenwood Amplified Stereo System
    - 2 Front Midrange Speakers
    - 2 Front Tweeters
    - 2 Rear 6x9 Speakers
    - 2 Integrated Speakers in each Headrest
    - 2-way 180-Watt Amplifier

    - 86K Original miles
    - Air Conditioning
    - Power Steering
    - Power Brakes
    - Power Windows
    - Tilt Column
    - Factory Remote Driver’s side Mirror
    - Tuned for Premium Unleaded
    - Has not seen rain in over 30 years

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  2. XtinctElise

    XtinctElise 1969 Buick Skylark GS 455, 5-speed

    Additional photos:

    13.JPG 14.JPG 15.JPG 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg
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  3. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    Beautiful car! But how old are those tires? Goodyear has not made Eagle ST's for a long time...
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  4. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Where on God's green earth did you find Eagle ST's??
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  5. 69 GS 400

    69 GS 400 Well-Known Member

    WOW !!! Bet that really moves.
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  6. XtinctElise

    XtinctElise 1969 Buick Skylark GS 455, 5-speed

    So are you saying the car AND the tires are classics? :)
  7. Super Bald Menace

    Super Bald Menace Gold Level Contributor

    Did you have the engine dynoed? If so how much torque did it make?
  8. XtinctElise

    XtinctElise 1969 Buick Skylark GS 455, 5-speed

    No, but it was built to exceed the stock torque which was only 510 ft/lbs IIRC.
  9. 446379H

    446379H Well-Known Member

    Around 2005 last time I saw them . Bummer they stopped production. Looks like a fun car .
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  10. Mike B in SC

    Mike B in SC Well-Known Member

    I had Eagle ST's on my 71 Stage 1. They were great tires for muscle cars. I was sorry Goodyear quit making them...
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  11. dr

    dr Well-Known Member

    Love it. That color is amazing, as is the entire car.
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  12. 69GS430/TKX

    69GS430/TKX Silver Level contributor

    Wow. Great looking and well-engineered car. When my 69 is asleep, this is what it dreams of becoming.
  13. XtinctElise

    XtinctElise 1969 Buick Skylark GS 455, 5-speed

    SOLD! on Hemmings.com
  14. GSXER

    GSXER Well-Known Member

    Nice...full asking price?

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