front left brake rotor for Max-Trak traction control

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    I am looking for the drivers side front brake rotor that was used on Max-Trak models from 71 - 74 models. On the back there is a cage in the center of the rotor with 30 dime sized holes in which the sensor measures the revolutions of the rotor then sends it in Hertz measurements through a translucent wire attached to the upper control arm along over the booster into the firewall inside to the pass side to the computer which then sends a message to the electronic distributor and interrupts it and then the message is sent to the speedo sensor on the tail-shaft to the posi to limit wheel slip. I am assuming the rotor was the same that was used for the years they made it. I know on the airbags 74-76 the steering column was the same and the steering wheel was the same. They did not change the design. I also have that in this car. I will await your reply.

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    Buick spelled it with a C :Comp:
    (look at the switch on your dashboard for the correct spelling)


    From the 1971 Buick Riviera brochure:


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