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    Evening everyone.

    I got a setup of Chevelle control arms for my Lark & the Skylark has a "slot" in regards to clocking of the spring the Chevelle has two holes. The service manual says to have it within a 1/4" of the front of the slot. On the Chevelle forums most people say to put the end of the spring between the two holes. The slot for the Buick & the two holes for the Chevelle seem to be in the same spot on the lower arms.

    I clocked my springs between the two holes(within the 1/4") in the lower control arm would this be the correct clocking of the spring or do I need to rotate them more to cover the holes? The spring seems to sit most correctly when I place it in the area of the two holes not covering them.


  2. Dr. Roger

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    According to the service manual, on the rear springs, the bottom end of spring should be pointing at 9:00 on both sides. Can't find anything about the front springs, so i don't know if it matters.

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    Front springs is between the 2 holes . Make sure one is not covered .
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    Using the photo above as the Right Front and the front of the car toward the bottom of the page is how mine just came out. I think the end of the spring is to partially cover the sole slot. My understanding
  5. '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl

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    I put the front springs between the two holes(+ or - 1/4") in the lower control arms & per my tape measure the car is sitting at 27-1/4" on both sides.

    In my book I'm going to call that pretty darn good. No big differences in height on either side. For future reference the front spring clocking is on 30-22 of the '72 Service Manual. Thanks for the tips guys.


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