Frequently asked questions about 4 speed parts..PLEASE ADD TO THIS!!

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by gd2227, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. TXGS

    TXGS Paint by numbers 70 GS 455 4spd

    John Fritz, this has been an enlightening thread.
  2. Duane

    Duane Member

    That's definitely the Chevy style pad.
  3. TXGS

    TXGS Paint by numbers 70 GS 455 4spd

    The guy who gave it to me stated he got it off my 4speed car in 82. He looked up the parts manual before he gave it to me and stated this is not a buick part but it was on the car. He said it was original to the car as far back as 76. The car had only 44k on it. I will keep the original and if i ever get judged than i would put on the black rubber pad. I just like to keep it as it was born.
  4. Jim Jones

    Jim Jones Wretched Excess

    Anyone have a clue to the origins of this pad? I pulled these pedals from a '70 GS455 convertible. Car was originally an automatic, so I know these weren't original.

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