Firewall Cleanup Thread?

Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by Ray66Skylark, Apr 7, 2021.

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    Hi All,

    I did some quick searching and didn't find anything like I wanted with 'firewall' in the title, so I thought I would put my question here.

    I have a 66 Skylark that I want to clean up the firewall a bit while I have everything apart, but I don't want to skin it or go full custom. I'd like to clean up the horizontal seam (maybe by removing and adding new seam sealer), weld up some holes I have made, and do something with the weird textured tape(?) over where the heater hoses pass through the firewall. Also, I want to find another solution for those plastic plugs that stick out for things like the steering column cover.

    Is there a good thread here or even on some Chevelle board of somebody doing some basic tidying up and how/what they did?

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    Use a wire wheel and chisel on old seam sealer. Worked well for me.
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    I did that back in the 80's on my blue 66.... Bondo'd up all the seams and dimples and made it smooth. Looked good in the day, but wanted it back to original so I stripped all the Bondo off and it's back to original.
    The different assembly plants did the seam/sealers differently. Yours used the spray sealer at the heater wire grommet, heater hoses, etc. You can scrape off the sealer and just leave it off in most locations..... you're not driving it in the rain/snow anymore, right?
    The main seam/sealer varies too. Some used a little, some used a lot. If it looks pretty good, I leave the original there. My red 66 was left original, just a clean and repaint:

    On my Special, I painted the firewall body color (red). Looks more finished this way. Would be easy to return to original with a spray can.

    Those plastic plugs.... a bunch of them hold the firewall insulation pad in place.
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    The black stuff around the heater nipples is high temp sealer. I used this with success:

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