Finally installed a top.

Discussion in 'The ragtop shop' started by black70buick, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. black70buick

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    Ok, the car isn't perfect nor is the new top. I have to give credit to the professionals that do top installs. This was painful. Literally. I had to redo the work my brother did because he never finished the install, restore the tack strips, heat the fabric vynl and get some of the stretch waves out and then reinstall. But it still has waves in the quarters, turns out while everthing is perfect on the fist bow when the top lays against the body by the stainless the waves are created by the sheet metal seam imperfections. Oh well. I'm not fighting it. The top will only be used in emergencies when rain is possible. So 99.9% of the time the top will be down and likely become wrinkled. The boot cover will be on it like it has been since I got it this past spring. Need to get the trim pieces in and the glass weather striping and call it done.

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  2. Redmanf1

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    It will keep you dry and interior safe...
  3. Waterboy

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    I'm never going to put the top on my 68 GS. Tops are like dogs. They only live so long, and then you cry. I'll go topless. w65.jpg
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    Is that a side pipe or step rail on the side of ur GS?
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    Side pipes baby!
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    park outside when its 150 and itll probly fix its self . only bad if you paid 2k for install and it looked the same !!

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