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Discussion in 'Kill Stories (Where Hemis Never Win)' started by dfish1247, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. dfish1247

    dfish1247 Active Member

    A few weeks ago before the weather went south, I finally got a kill.

    Had to run a few errands and pulled up on a 1963 galaxie 500. Real nice car I thought, then his cutouts opened up, I look over and he's got the poop eatin grin goin on. Alright gramps, game on. We put on a show for everyone to see, tires went up in smoke for both of us, distance was roughly 1000ft, I stayed ahead about 1/2 car the whole time.

    I turn in to get gas, he follows me in. Super nice guy, winds up being a 390/4sp car, has the intake/carb/header routine done. Nothing wild. He said " I thought all you young'ns were too scared to play anymore, glad at least one of you has some fun in ye." I'm 32, and I'm a young'n, lol.
  2. Briz

    Briz Founders Club Member

    Only guy I ever got to play was driving a beat rat rod. It was no contest. Kids in the new "Muscle Cars" wont go there unless its on a roll. Pussy's!
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  3. Golden Oldie 65

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    Cool story, and BTW, I'm twice your age so yes, you're still a young'n to us gramps guys :D One I had recently was a Mustang GT convertible. Loud, like most of them. I really had no intention of messing with him but he had a different plan. I let him go from the first light but at the next one I decided to play his game, and when he nailed it again so did I, and I went by him. I don't think he quite expected that from an old guy in an old gold Buick with painted steelies and poverty caps. In the end he gave me the thumbs up and drove on.
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  4. dfish1247

    dfish1247 Active Member

    I don't consider those muscle cars, too many electronic nannies. Right foot is the only traction control needed, in my opinion. My wife's 4Runner has so many gadgets it's rediculous. I dd an 88 1500, done a lot of simplification under the hood if you catch my drift.

    I haven't even had the teenagers in Hondas try and play, or even the ratty old trucks. But, what do you expect when man buns, $8 coffee, and smartphones are the norm.
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  5. dumbgruntss

    dumbgruntss Member

    The best I ever has was a suped up WRX-STI and I had to back out of it because of the twisties. Still kicked his ass but my rear tires were howling and getting loose. Kids are scared. He was a cool guy. Stopped and chatted for a bit.
  6. faster

    faster Well-Known Member

    I would have payed to see that. Thank for sharing.

    I'm 65 dude, so at 32 you're still a "young'n"!

  7. dfish1247

    dfish1247 Active Member

    My wife calls me a methuselah before my time. I have a simplicity riding mower for goodness sake!

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