Fender Mounting Hardware Kit (New)

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by ToddsGS, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. ToddsGS

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    I have a Front Clip kit as well as an entire Exterior Panel kit but I've had a lot of requests for guys just wanting the proper fender bolts and lower mounting fender nuts.

    So, here it is. . . .

    Fender Mounting Hardware Kit (1970 - 1972)


    Kit Price is $28.00 plus Priority Mail Flat Rate which is currently $9.20 (U.S. 48)

    I have a bunch of Hardware Kits for your Buick . . . . see more at www.Stage1Restoration.com !


    I accept Pay Pal and all major Credit Cards.

    Order by phone by calling (715) 874-6037
    Shop Hours Monday - Friday 1 pm to 6 pm Central time.

    Thanks for Looking,

    Best Fastener Collection in the country for 1970 - 1972 Buick GS, GSX & Skylark! And Made in the USA.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Don't like dealing with the Big Name Retailers?
    Give me a shout. I'll be happy to help and share 30 + years of experience in Racing & Restoring Buick Muscle Cars.


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  2. 71SkylarkConv

    71SkylarkConv Roll Tide

    What is in your front clip set? Front clip kit and fender mounting kit how much shipped together. 72 Skylark Conv


  3. ToddsGS

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    The Front Clip Kit includes the following:
    Fender Bolts
    Inner Fender Bolts
    Hood & Hood Hinges Bolts
    Core Support Mounting Bolts
    Radiator Top Plate Bolts
    Battery Tray Bolts
    Center Support & Hood Latch Bolt

    So if you get the Front Clip kit you're already getting the Front Fender Bolts.

    I would also need to know if you car has std thread or coarse there Inner Fender Bolts.

    Shipping on this kit is $15.05 (Priority Mail Flat Rate) - Kit is $75



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  4. dynaflow

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    ...comment intended for buyers and seller. In general, Flint-only cars used "coarse" (5/16 X 10), but from personal experience I found that one has to pay closer attention, some parts may have been changed. For me it was fender brace and battery tray, where someone used "fine" bolts and broke off weld nuts...
  5. ToddsGS

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    Yeah the Inner Fender Bolts and Core Support Bolts are tricky because as John mentioned if parts were changed over the years you may have a fender assembly that takes the Std thread while the rest of the car is coarse thread.

    The good news is I have both styles and can accommodate each version. If parts have been switched and we know that ahead of time we can adjust then. Worse case scenario we can send a few "extras" if the customer wants to go that route.
  6. 71gs3504sp

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    Todd just asking, I just removed my fenders from my 72 GS455 and there were way more inner fender bolts then kit you note numbered above. Please let me know. 72GS455-Front-End 029.JPG

    As in the Photo, there are 5 bolts on the lip of the inner fender and 3 on top of the inner fender then of course 2 lower fender bolt w/clips.
  7. ToddsGS

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    If you look close at the "Container Map" it shows 12 Inner Fender Bolts (You listed 5 per side, there's actually 6) and 3 in the Top-Center of each.
    My kits do contain all of these as well as the Core Support Bolts.

    I should also mention this Kit in this particular Post is just for the FENDERS.
    My Front Clip Kit would be the one you want if you want inner fender hardware as well. . . .
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  8. 71SkylarkConv

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  9. 71SkylarkConv

    71SkylarkConv Roll Tide

    I need to check buit I want the front clip kit.

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  10. 71SkylarkConv

    71SkylarkConv Roll Tide

    The inner fender bolts are coarse. How do I pay. I don't do paypal.

  11. ToddsGS

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    You can use my websites online order form or give me a call tomorrow.

    Credit cards accepted on my website......

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  16. babyblue 69

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    Is this front clip kit the same for the 69 GS if so whats the cost?

  17. ToddsGS

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    I'm not as familiar with the 1969 Models but I think the majority of it is the same. If not I can certainly provide any additional bolts that may be needed in the event they're slightly different.

    Price is $75.00 and as discussed I would need to know if your car uses coarse thread bolts or standard 5/16 x 18tpi. bolts. (GM used both)
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