Edelbrock throttle bracket for SBB that works!

Discussion in 'Carter' started by Electrajim, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. Electrajim

    Electrajim Just another Jim

    So I have an Edelbrock Performer carb (Carter AFB style) on my 77 Buick 350, with a TH350 kickdown cable.
    Sure, the factory stock throttle cable and kickdown bracket "work", but not like it should. The cables are attached to the carburetor's throttle linkage are at an angle, so much so, that the throttle cable hits the cold idle cam.
    Problem #2 is I don't think I'm getting WOT when the throttle is to the floor.

    What aftermarket bracket can I use to correct this. My guess it's going to be a "universal" bracket, and would like to know what I should try first.

  2. Electrajim

    Electrajim Just another Jim

    I wound up with a Mr. Gaket universal bracket with kickdown/TV provision.
    (my part guess)

    So far, it looks like it's going to work. I had to modify it, and adjust a little.

    I will post pictures when I get it just right.

  3. GSDrew

    GSDrew Well-Known Member

    Hey Jim,
    I don't mean to push, but any updates yet... may w/ part numbers too?
    I'm in the process of getting my 340 back together and I'm upgrading to an AFB and a TH350... so I'll also need the same setup.
  4. 1BadWagon

    1BadWagon i got too many parts.....

    im going to be doing the same on a 300 but with drews stock carter he sold me off his 340. its going to be going on a 65 skylark and when i finish rebuilding the th350 (also from drew) im going to have to figure something out for the kickdown cable:beers2:
  5. Electrajim

    Electrajim Just another Jim

    Sorry, no pictures yet. I'm fixing a front cover crank seal leak before I break the camera out.
    I'm using a Mr. Gasket chrome universal bracket.
    The little driving I did with it seems ok, but I havn't checked the full throttle travel @ WOT, but I think it's pretty darn close enough.
    I had to cut the stationary cable hole, and put one of the adjustable brackets on the bottom. That seemed to yield close to the factory configuration.

    In other words, I need more time to test it, but the car is down at this time.

    Got the # Mr. Gasket 6039


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  6. Electrajim

    Electrajim Just another Jim

    For starters (pun intended), This Edelbrock Performer series carburetor has been a CHAMP in starting, idle, and drivability. This Buick 350 has started practically instantly in the past sub 20 degree snowy days here in the midwest. This is the same carburetor I've run on my 455 years ago.
    WOT throttle testing is still pending due to snow. :puzzled:
    ..and don't send me a link to drag racing on the ice and snow.! :bla:
    I wish we could do that here!
    Mabey it's starting so well from all of the Wiz's power timing thread(s)! :TU:

    Back to the thread topic. Here is a picture of the throttle bracket (in service) that I have been using.


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