Edelbrock Performer Carb Manual Choke

Discussion in 'Other' started by ExplorGM, Jan 18, 2010.

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    So my rebuilding jobs on my two 800 quadrajet(s) have come to a screeching halt due to work, work travel and holiday activities. I took an Edelbrock 800cfm that I had did not use from another project and put it on the 430 for now. The carb is brand new, no adjustmets whatsoever.
    Motor is bone stock with 145K miles and only an Edelbrock air cleaner assembly on it.

    Big difference in power from the 600cfm Holley that came with the car when I bought it! Huge!

    One problem that came up was a significant bog/hesitation upon acceleration from a standing start or from a slow speed. When the car was already up in the revs it was fine when jumped on.

    After the motor was well warmed up, the bogging/hesitation went away. (nice peg leg burnouts)

    What might be causing the hesitation and what can I do about it?

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