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  1. techg8

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    Everyday Performance LLC is proud to announce the addition of distributor tuning, rebuilds and restoration to our services offered!

    We have acquired a SUN504 distributor machine to test and tune distributors for your performance needs!

    Sun504.jpg disassy.jpg

    Services (prices subject to change)
    • Re-bushing $50
    • Troubleshooting $25
    • teardown and complete rebuild $150
    • restoration and detailing $30
    • tuning and custom advance curving $50
    • distributor and parts sales

    Visit our new Distributor services page for an overview:

    We have several distributors for sale NOW in our NEW, IMPROVED STORE:

    We will be glad to rebuild your core, or accept your core as a turn in on the purchase of a rebuilt unit.
    We do buy cores!

    Please contact us with any questions, we will be glad to help any way we can.

    Everyday Performance LLC
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  2. techg8

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    weekend bump
  3. Bigpig455

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    Hey! Do you HEI's too?
  4. PaulGS

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    Ken has great work and his customer service after the sale is even better!

    He did a Qjet for me, and I called on a Saturday with some questions. He stayed on the phone to help me thru some tuning issues.

    Buy with confidence!
  5. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    YES HEI too!

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