Disc brake conversion for second generation Riv........check this out

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by nailheadina67, Aug 27, 2004.

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    I was looking at this website, this looks do able. This uses '04 GTO calipers and pads, but the only thing I don't like is the rotors........they are spaced out about 3/4" from the stock location. Wouldn't that make my Riv a wide track? :grin: Also, the replacements are only available from this outfit, because they are machined special and use special longer studs. I assume they use the hub from the old drums.

    I'll bet I could machine those drums myself on my lathe and fabricate my own brackets and get the calipers and pads from Napa and save a whole lot of money. The only thing would be the brake hose that I would have to get made up and getting the longer wheel studs. Also, the proportioning valve, I wonder if one from a later Riv would work? I also wonder what application those rotors are from?

    That would surely beat having to find used obsolete parts with rotors that can't be replaced. I had recently contacted someone from this board about a used setup he had posted for sale that is not materializing. What do you guys think about this conversion:

    Here's the link:


    (Thanks to 67RivDog for bringing this website to my attention):beer
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    I'm the guy who had these kits designed and made by Revelation racing Supplies (RRS) for my 66 Riviera and the 3/4" extra track per side is not correct.

    Existing hubs are used with drums removed which reduces the width by 5/16" per side and then we supply a 5/16" spacer to put on the face of the hub. Therefore the existing track is maintained without change.

    The only time this may vary is if someone is using a non-stock wheel where we supply an extra spacer but and extra 5/16" per side is not going to even be noticable.

    Calipers and pads are readily available and we will have a store of rotors on hand should anyone need them.

    RRS has a US facility in Indiana where kits are shipped from and I'm their online dealer now for these and the Ford kits.

    If anyone has any further questions I'd be happy to answer them.
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    Sorry Tony, I was just estimating that dimension from the pictures........they looked a little thicker. BTW, I like your Riv, my old '66 was that color. :bglasses:
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    This I can attest to personally, as Tony has answered each of my questions promptly and courteously. :beer

    Still plan on purchasing, just need to stockpile some $$$.
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    After taking a closer look, I can see how this rotor thing is done. The rotor goes on the inside, then the hub, and then the spacer. The lug studs get pressed into the rotor first, then through the hub, and then through the spacer.........that's why such long studs are needed. Very ingenious, I might add Tony, that is a clever idea. :TU:

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    Hi Joe,

    Now you have observed it correctly.

    Everyone says they can build their own kit and maybe they can but when I needed one there was nothing around that would bolt straight on and maintain the 5 on 5 stud pattern etc etc.

    I'm a toolmaker by trade myself and could have also made this kit for my car but I would not have been able to offer it to others without a fat product liability insurance cover. RRS are very professional and are covered by such insurance.

    Through RRS I can offer it to lots of Buick lovers and I've been the main push behind the Buick kits, because I love Buicks and have 3 in the family.

    RRS had no intention of creating a Buick kit. There are still a huge number of Mustangs and early Fords with enthusiastic owners wishing to improve their brakes and steering and suspension. Have a look in the latest Hemmings and you'll see the RRS ad that came out yesterday.

    They will become a big player in the US market so rotors and parts down the track will not be an issue. Buick stuff will be kept in stock along with Ford kits and shipped out of Indiana.
  8. Rivman

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    Disc Brakes for Riviera

    Looks great Tony - no mess, no fuss, no bother . . . straight forward bolt on application !
    What more could a body want? This kit will make a lot of Riviera owners happy, cause they are a bit of a bear to stop once you get that mass in motion ! :bglasses: :TU: :beer

    Thanks for sharing Joe ! :TU: (Now, if we can just win the lotto . . . )
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    I'll bet insurance cost is about half of the cost of that kit. I would like to think the mentality of old Riv owners is not at the same level as that of the sue happy crowd who seems to spoil things for everyone. Ever notice all the warning labels on things lately? "don't use your hair dryer in the shower"......DUH!!:rolleyes:

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