Demon/Holley throttle linkage

Discussion in 'Other' started by 19Skylark68 455, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. 19Skylark68 455

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    Hi all
    Just purchased a new speed demon 850 annular vacuum secondary/electric choke carb. Waiting for it to arrive. I noticed that the carbs linkage has a hole for the throttle cable, where as the qjet uses a stud. I am aware that holley sells studs to use the stock throttle cable. My question, should the demon come with a stud or hardware kit and if not, what are you guys running on your larks to attach the thottle cable (stock) to a holley or demon carb. Part numbers would be helpful, as well as the size of the stud.

    P.S.: Anyone have any good/bad experience with the Mallory Comp S/S that TA recommended to me. I'd like to hear about it.
    THanks again

  2. sore loser

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    Demon part number 160049 install kit. Summit, Speedway, Advance, others have it. Extra revenue streams for Holley.
  3. Mart

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    Don't know what you're putting that carb on but are you sure you want vacuum secondaries?
    I had an 850 Demon with mechanicals, and it responded well.
  4. 300sbb_overkill

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    10 years later and the OP finally got some feedback? WOW! Is that a record?

  5. Kenny462

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    explain to me thedifferance annular ---dog leg boosters? thanks kenny462

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