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Discussion in 'Other' started by Stubbe, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Stubbe

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    I was driving my car and it developed a loud clicking noise like a fan that keeps clipping something. :ball: It seems to be coming from under the intake, I think I bent a pushrod, or a few. Plan to check when I get time. Just wondering what I could have broke in there and how much to fix/where do I get parts. I hope it wouldn't mess with my cam since those are expensive. Also does putting 73 heads on a 75 block work with stock pushrods or does it change somehow. Any help is greatly apreciated.

    Is anyone selling some lifters,cam,springs,pushrods
    Located in Michigan/UP.
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    Why dont you post this on the engine forum instead so that it can get more hits? If I were you, I would pull the valve covers and look for any lose rockers and then go from there if you thing there is an internal problem with the valvetrain. Good luck.
  3. iacovoni

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    I cannot hear exactly what you describe, but had a similar problem. For the life of me could not figure out a ticking noise coming from the inside of my SP1 intake. Thought I was going crazy, Got scared, but do not think the worst. Come to find out that my 72 heads had a small EGR hole that was not sealed by the wrong year gasket. Put the right gaskets on and it cured that noise, now dealing with a small tick by these non-adjustable Buick rockers, but no biggie. Hope this helps.

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