Correct Battery Cables for 1970 - 1972 A Bodies (455)

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  1. ToddsGS

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    I typically have these in stock if anyone needs new Battery Cables for there Hot Rod.

    These are Made in the USA by Lectric Limited from the Factory GM Blue Prints.
    I stock there Spark Plug Wires and pretty much everything they offer for the 1970 - 1972 Models.
    In most cases the products are IN STOCK so you don't have to wait!

    Here's current pricing on the 455 Battery Cables: (350 Cables also available)

    1970/71 Positive Cable with the Insulator assembly already installed - $120.00

    1970/71 Negative Cable - $50.00

    1972 Positive Cable with the Insulator assembly already installed - $120.00

    1972 Negative Cable - $45.00





    Most of the 1970 - 1972 A-Body Electrical Products are in stock and price below Retail!
    See these products and 100's more at


    I accept Pay Pal and all major Credit Cards.

    Order by phone by calling (715) 874-6037
    Shop Hours Monday - Friday 1 pm to 6 pm Central time.

    Thanks for Looking,

    Best Fastener Collection in the country for 1970 - 1972 Buick GS, GSX & Skylark! And Made in the USA.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Don't like dealing with the Big Name Retailers?
    Give me a shout. I'll be happy to help and share 30 + years of experience in Racing & Restoring Buick Muscle Cars.

    Check out my New Website for 100's of Buick GS, GSX & Skylark Restoration Parts!
    I now have an
    OEM Page as well with 100's of parts to be added as time permits!

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    How about 350 cables? '70 & late '71 side post (no insulator like the 455's). I have an NOS '69 positive (I think - May be '70) but will be needing (long way off) the other 3.
  3. ToddsGS

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    I do have some 350 cables here otherwise I can order in anything that L.L. offers. I don't believe they do 1972 350 Cables but they do have 69, 70 & 71
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  4. Dano

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    Thanks Todd!
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